Will Is Waxed All Over

Mary is settling in. She doesn’t spend every night sleeping with Kathy and me. She says that she sleeps more soundly alone in her bed. There is a very comfy queen-size bed in her room.

She’s been with us a week now. After the night she moved in, we all slept until late the next morning. We got up and the women got dressed. Of course, I didn’t. I was still extremely horny from the night before. My penis was hard when I walked into the kitchen for breakfast. Kathy and Mary looked at each other and giggled.

Mary asked me to stand in front of her. She was carefully inspecting my pubic area. “It looks like it’s been a while since you’ve shaved. I’m glad.”

I had started to worry since I am supposed to be hair-free down there. “Glad?” I asked.

“Oh yes, the hair has to be at least 1/4 inch long for waxing.”

“Waxing! Oh no!” I thought to myself.

Mary continued, “If it’s okay with you, Kathy, why don’t I take Will to the storage locker and pick up my massage table and waxing supplies. We can have him hair-free as a little boy by lunchtime.”

Kathy clapped her hands and said, “Perfect! Will go get dressed.”

I went back to the bedroom and put on my underwear, which felt a little odd since I hadn’t been wearing any for a long time now. I wear boxer briefs that go halfway down my thighs. I like the way they look. Then I put on a T-shirt and my jeans, socks and shoes. It only took a few minutes.

When I got downstairs, Mary was waiting by the door tapping her foot impatiently. “Hurry up! Let’s get going,” she said.

I picked up the car keys and we went down to the garage. I suggested that we take our car since it is a SUV and has more room. Mary congratulated me on my good thinking.

We drove to her storage locker and Mary rummaged around until she found her massage table and a box labeled “WAXING SUPPLIES”. I loaded them into the car and we drove home in silence.

When we got home, Mary told me to get naked again. While I was undressing she set up her massage table in the living room and unpacked her waxing supplies. She had two wax heaters, which she connected to an outlet and turned them on to melt the wax. When I came downstairs she told me that it would take about an hour for the wax to be ready.

Kathy told me to go into the den and play on the computer. She warned me that I better not be looking at porn and to keep my hands away from my penis. I agreed and went into the den. Kathy told me to close the door. I did.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but the women were talking in the living room. I read the news and surfed some blogs on spanking. It was at least an hour and 1/2 later that Kathy came into the den and told me to join them.

I could smell the wax that had been heating. Kathy sat next to Mary on the couch and told me to stand in front of them. She also told me to clasp my hands behind my back. She told me to open my legs when I stood. This almost-military at-ease position was to be my standard way to stand.

That was new. Kathy also told me that we weren’t going to be playing spanking games all the time. In fact, spanking is to be the way I get punished. I am expected to follow all rules that are made for me. I’m also expected to be obedient to either woman. If I break a rule or in some other way displease one of them, I will be painfully spanked. The spanking will take place when it is convenient.

Mary took over. She told me that when she finished waxing me I wouldn’t have any hair below my neck. I would be their “little boy”. Of course, I would still have some “manly duties”. She said that Kathy and she discussed sex and decided that I would have intercourse with both of them when needed. They were not to be sexually involved with each other. Since I have good mouth skills, Mary said that she was sure both of them would be quite satisfied.

She also said that my sexual needs would be taken care of as well. I was not to ask them for sexual release. They will decide when I get it. I am never to masturbate under any circumstances. They will never ask me to do it in front of them. My hands are never to touch my “peepee”. That is my name for it. The word “penis” is now no longer in my vocabulary.

They both said that they liked the idea of me being a little boy/man and had big plans for me. I gulped wondering what was on their minds. Kathy pointed out that that didn’t mean they were my mommies. It was just that I am now a hybrid critter: a little-boy/man. Both women looked very pleased with themselves.

Kathy said that I would be given some rules to follow. She pointed out that I already had two: my standing position and the name for my little pee-pee. She said I can look forward to other rules to help smooth our family way.

my first waxing

Mary said that the wax was ready and instructed me to lie faceup on the massage table. She gave me a small pillow for my head. I lay on my back and she instructed me to move my legs apart as far as I could on the table. Without further ado, she applied wax to my pubic hair and with a rapid motion removed the hair. It stung!

The waxing went on for more than an hour. She removed every single hair on my body. My arms, shoulders, chest, ass, legs, and even inside my crack were now hair-free. I know I was naked when she started, but now I felt really naked. She told me to go upstairs and take a shower to wash off the oil she used to remove the wax. I obeyed.

While I was being waxed, Kathy was in the den using the computer. When Mary finished waxing me and sent me to the shower, Kathy called her into the den. “Take a look at this,” she said. “I think that Will need a little wardrobe change to support his new role.”

Kathy went to a page on Amazon. “I found this underwear.” She pointed to a picture of white underwear briefs. “They have that nice little boy look.”

Will’s new little boy briefs.

Mary laughed and agreed. Kathy clicked the “Add to Cart” button. She also mentioned that warm weather was coming up and I would probably need to wear shorts. Kathy said that all of my shorts where the standard longer legged type. She said that boys wore shorter shorts. She went to another page on Amazon. It displayed short-shorts that went down barely below where my balls hang. “How do you like these?”

Kathy thought Will should wear these.

Mary told her that they were perfect. Kathy then suggested that I also should probably have my T-shirts replaced. She thought they were all too big boy for me. She asked Mary to try to find me T-shirts more in keeping with my new role. Mary agreed.

Kathy clicked on the cart button and ordered the underwear and shorts. “We won’t say anything to Will until after they arrive.”

Both women giggled. When I finished my shower, and toweled off I joined the women in the living room. They were on the couch again. The massage table was folded and the wax was cooling. Kathy told me to come over so she could get a close look at me. I stood in front of her, hands clasped behind my back. She rubbed my balls and lifted them. “Very nice!” She said to Mary. “Turn around.”

I turned so that my back was facing them. “Bend over and spread your cheeks,” Kathy said. I complied. “Very nice!” She congratulated Mary. “I like that little flower nice and bare.”

I was told I could stand. After a little more inspection of my back, Kathy said I could join them on the couch. The subject moved away from me and we just chatted about the events of the day.

During the conversation, Kathy said that she and Mary decided that we would not do anything “special” for the first week. That didn’t mean I could break my rules. It just meant that we would be more or less vanilla. If one of the women wanted sex or wanted to give me sex, she would let me know. Otherwise, I was not to discuss the subject.

Mary said that she would sleep in her room most nights. If she wanted my company, I would join her there.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I managed to avoid getting spanked and both women wanted sex just once. Mary wanted to feel me inside her and she gave me permission to ejaculate. She straddled my pee-pee and rode it for at least two orgasms. Then she turned around so she faced my feet and rode me some more. I exploded almost instantly.

After I finished, she slid up my body so that her pussy was over my face. I knew what I had to do. I licked inside her until every drop of my cum and her juices had been cleaned out. When I finished she moved a bit so that her ass was over my face. “Clean me there,” she said.

I spread her cheeks and worked my tongue into her tight asshole. I kissed it as deeply as I could, my tongue moving in and out. When she had enough, Mary dismounted. We cuddled and we went to sleep with her spooning me.

“I’m going to love this,” I thought to myself as I dropped into a deep sleep.

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