Wanked And Spanked By Kathy And Mary (Part 3)

(Continued from Part 2. You can read it here)

The spanking game was almost over. I got the last question right. Mary had set the timer for one minute. My buns were on fire. I was starting to tear up before she began. Alexa said, “One minute spanking timer starting now.”

Kathy knows all the spots that hurt the most. She made sure to hit every one of them very hard. I was yelling and crying at the same time. Each swat sent a wave of pain through me. This game was no fun for me! Finally, the timer beeped and announced, “Your spanking timer is done.”

Kathy stopped and gently patted my very sore bottom. She told me to stand. I slowly got to my feet facing her. She told me to go into the corner with my hands behind my neck and wait for further instructions. I shuffled over with each step sending new waves of pain through my rear.

While I stood in the corner, Kathy and Mary returned to the couch and spoke softly to one another. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I noticed there were some giggles every so often. The women were having a good time.

Apparently my mood was improving too. My cock was starting to get hard again. I couldn’t believe it. My butt was in agony. Apparently nobody sent that message to my stiff erection.

Kathy called me over to stand in front of both of them. I could see them staring at my erect penis. “Apparently our game turns you on,” Kathy said. “It also turned us on. We both get excited when we spank your butt. It seems to us that you should repay us for our efforts and help us deal with this little problem.”

I had no idea what to make of this. Help them with a little problem? Does Kathy want me to have sex with both of them? Drops of precum dripped from the head of my cock.

“Oh, I see someone thinks he’s going to have some fun with us,” Kathy quipped. “That’s not going to happen.”

Kathy and Mary stood up. Kathy led the way and Mary followed first grabbing my hard cock firmly. She pulled me behind her like a toy wagon. Kathy led the way up to our bedroom. I struggled to keep up with Mary.

When we got to the bedroom, the women sat at the end of the bed and I was instructed to stand in front of them. “We haven’t quite decided how we’re going to handle this, but your job is to satisfy us the same way we satisfied you with our paddle.

“We had a little talk and decided you will use your tongue on us. As you and I discussed last week, your tongue is the only part of you that’s going to get inside any pussy. Mary, how does this sound to you?”

Mary grinned broadly. “Just fine.”

Kathy continued, “since you are our guest would you like to go first?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Would you like privacy?”

Mary smiled, “No, that won’t be necessary.” With that, Mary took off her shoes and socks and removed her jeans and panties. She left the rest of her clothing on. Kathy followed suit. Both women were naked from the waist down.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course, Kathy’s body was familiar to me. Her slightly flaring hips, slightly thick thighs very furry pussy. That pussy causes my nose to itch every time I lick it.

Mary was slim. Her hips were almost boyish, narrow, and petite. Her thighs thin and athletic. Her pussy was shaved. It had a distinct mound and swollen outer lips. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Without a word, Mary giggled and then removed her blouse and bra. Her perky little breasts poked out at me. Her nipples were small. They were swollen with desire. Kathy noticed what Mary did and shrugged removing her blouse and bra. Both women were naked. Kathy asked, “Do you want to go first?”

Mary said, “Yes, please.”

“Do you want privacy?” Kathy asked.

“No, you can stay.”

Mary moved to the bed and lay on my side. I’m sure she didn’t realize that, but I thought it was rather nice. She opened her legs. “Time to go to work,” she said looking at me sharply.

I moved between her legs and lay flat, my legs dangled over the footboard. I could smell her excitement. Kathy moved to her side of the bed and lay on her side facing Mary.

I used my two thumbs to spread her pussy lips wide. My tongue went to work. I read that if you try to trace every letter of the alphabet while giving a woman oral sex, she will love it. I did the alphabet from a to z and then repeated lowercase. From the sounds she was making, I think she was having fun.

I felt a hand poking me in the side. It was from Kathy. “Hang on a second, Will.”

Mary seemed startled. “What’s going on?”

“I have an idea for you,” Kathy said.

“It better be a good one,” Mary grumbled.

“Get up for a second,” Kathy said. “Will, lie down on your back.”

I lay on my back with my head on my pillow. “No, no,” Kathy said. “Move down more you can take your pillow with you.”

I moved down the bed as instructed. “Okay, Mary. Straddle his face.” Mary looked quizzically at Kathy. “Straddle his face with your head facing the foot of the bed. That will make it easy for you to move if you want him to lick your ass or your pussy.”

With a smile, Mary straddled my face. She moved around until her pussy was directly over my mouth. I could feel her clit rubbing my nose. “Okay, Will move your tongue in and out of my pussy. Stay away from my clit. Your nose will do nicely for it.”

I never did that before. She tasted different down there. It was a little metallic. It wasn’t a very pleasant taste. I moved my tongue in and out as instructed. I was fucking her with my tongue. While I did that, I could feel her rocking above me. She was masturbating using my nose. She was having a very good time. I was too. I could feel my erection standing up almost painfully.

Mary noticed it and decided to use it to help her stay balanced on my body. Her grip felt very good. She wasn’t attempting to jerk me off; she was just holding on for balance. It’s good to know that I can be useful.

She came over and over. Each time she bucked and liquid flowed into my mouth. It was salty. I had no choice but to swallow it. I lost track of how many times this happened. My tongue was aching and I had a headache. Finally, Mary stopped.

Without a word she dismounted. My face must’ve been a mess from all of the fluid that came out. I looked up. I could see Mary smiling at Kathy. “Did you have a good time?” Kathy asked.

“It was good, but he needs more practice.”

More practice? I was about to say something but decided it was probably better to be quiet. I didn’t want another opportunity to be spanked, at least then.

“You are a mess,” Kathy said. “Go into the bathroom and wash your face.”

I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. The warm water felt good on my face. My nose had a kind of crust on it from Mary’s juices. After I got clean and dried my face off, I went back into the bedroom.

“Get back into position,” Kathy ordered. I moved back to my spot on the bed. Smiling, she lowered herself over my face. Her pretty ass was over my mouth. “You know what to do,” she said.

I spread her cheeks wide and pressed my tongue into her little bud. At first, it took a lot of work, but as I worked my tongue in and out I could feel her asshole opening to accept me.

I used my tongue to fuck her ass. She squirmed above me. Kathy was having fun.

“What a good ass licker!” Mary exclaimed.

“Yes, he is,” Kathy panted. Her finger was busy on her clit. Each time she came, her ass grabbed my tongue. I counted five orgasms before she finally dismounted. My tongue was sore and my face was covered with her juices.

I remained laying on my back. Kathy disappeared into the bathroom to clean up. When she returned, she said, “Will, go take a shower. You are a mess.”

I obediently walked to the bathroom on unsteady feet. The hot shower felt good. When I finished and got dry, the bedroom was empty. Naked, I padded down the stairs to the living room. Kathy and Mary were sitting on the couch, wine glasses in hand.

“How are  you doing?” Mary smiled at me.

“Very good, Ma’am.”

“Did you have fun?” Kathy asked.

“Oh yes!”

Both Kathy and Mary smiled broadly. Kathy said, “Then we will have to do this again.”

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  1. sounds like you are going to be kept very sore bottomed and very busy for the foreseeable future. As it should be. I have very much enjoyed your retelling of your adventures with Kathy and Mary. I do hope there will be more to come. 🙂

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