Wanked And Spanked By Kathy And Mary: Part 2

(Continued from part one. You can read it here.)

After Will finished cleaning up his mess, Kathy smiled at Mary and said, “Good job! Now he won’t be distracted while he gets spanked.” Kathy looked at Will. “We want to see that thing nice and soft unless we let you know that we want you to have a Boner. You know that when you are hard, you are distracted because you are paying attention to your little penis. We want your focus and attention on us.”

It also means that I am not going to get any fun out of a spanking. It’s going to be pure pain without some arousal. Will didn’t say that out loud. He knew that was exactly what the women had in mind.

Kathy brought a dining room chair out to the middle of the living room. She also retrieved the hairbrush -shaped paddle from the bedroom. “Okay, Will, it’s time for us to play a game. Here’s how it works: Mary and I will take turns asking you questions. For each right answer you get one minute of spanking. For each wrong answer, you get two minutes of spanking.

“We will do this in rounds. I will start off by asking you three questions. Mary will do the spanking. Then, Mary will ask the questions and I will do the spanking. If you miss more than one question in a round, we will play another round. This will go on until you get at least five of the six questions correct. Oh, by the way, for each new round, the number of minutes you get spanked doubles. In round two it will be two minutes for a correct answer and four if you get one wrong.

“Do you understand?”

“That sounds like a lot of spanking,” I said in a soft voice.

Mary answered, “I suppose it depends on how smart you are.” She smiled.

Clapping her hands, Kathy said, “let’s get started.” She grabbed a pile of Trivial Pursuit cards and put them down on the coffee table. “Mary, do you want to ask first or spank first?”

“I think I’ll ask first,” Mary said. I want to see how you spank him.”

Kathy sat down in the chair and tapped her leg. Will gingerly lay across her lap. His soft penis fit between her slightly open legs. This is the first time that Will got into spanking position with a soft cock. He was in no mood for paddling.

Rubbing her hand over Will’s soft buns, Kathy said, “Do you understand the rules?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay, Mary. Let’s begin.”

Mary selected a card from the middle of the deck. “The topic is the movies. Here is an easy one: Who played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate?”

“I don’t know,” Will said in a small voice.

“Oh dear,” Mary said, “That’s wrong. That’s two minutes of spanking for you.”

Kathy smiled and said, “Alexa set a four-minute spanking timer.”

The smart speaker responded, “Four minute timer starting now.”

Kathy picked up the paddle and began rhythmically swatting my bottom. She focused first on the left cheek with 10 hard swats, then paused and 10 on the right. I screamed, “That’s too hard!”

“Nonsense,” Kathy said without missing a beat. She continued her spanking: 10 hard swats on the left and then 10 on the right. She aimed each swat at the same area of my burning bottom. Kathy picked up the pace spanking faster and faster. She moved her paddle up and down making sure to cover every inch between the center of my butt and the top of my thighs.

I was sobbing more than screaming. This game was no fun for me! Tears were rolling down my cheeks when the smart speaker chimed the end of two minutes.

“See how I do it?”Kathy asked Mary.

“Yes I do.” Mary’s voice was a little shaky. “Is that how hard I should hit you?” She asked, Will.

I didn’t say anything immediately. Kathy gave a sharp swat with her paddle. “Answer Mary!” She commanded.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay, here’s your next question. Remember, if you miss this, we play another round.

“Which basketball team is famous for its comic antics?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “The Harlem Globetrotters.”

“Right,” Mary announced.

Kathy said, “Alexa, set a one minute spanking timer.”

“One minute timer starting now,” the speaker announced.

Kathy spread my cheeks with her left hand and began swatting inside. Looking at Mary, she said, “Now for some inside work. Don’t reduce the force in his crack.”

I screamed again and again as Kathy hit the tender flesh.

“Your one-minute spanking timer is done,” Alexa announced.

Kathy stopped. “You got off easy.”

I was breathing hard. The pressure of each cheek pressing the other burnt like fire.

“Okay, here’s my last question for this round,” Mary announced. How many hearts does an octopus have?”

“Oh shit,” I thought. “Three?”

“Right!” Mary said.

Kathy sighed. “Alexa, set a one minute spanking timer.”

“One minute timer starting now.”

Kathy began at my sit spot, spanking hard and fast. I screamed again and again. She showed no mercy. She moved down lower and spanked the tops of my thighs. “Owwwww!”

It felt like molten lava was flowing over my ass and thighs.

Finally, “Your one-minute spanking timer is done.”

Kathy stopped. “Stand up,” she said.

I stood on wobbly legs. My rear was on fire.

“Nice color, don’t you think?” Kathy asked Mary.

Mary smiled, “Yes indeed.”

Kathy got up from the chair. “Your turn,” she said.

The women traded places. Mary sat down on the spanking chair. She picked up the paddle and slapped it gently on her hand. “Oh dear,” she said. “Will, turn around!”

I turned. “Kathy, do you see what I see?” My penis was hard and throbbing.

Kathy said, “This needs fixing. Will, stand where we both can see you. Jerk off into your hand. We don’t want a mess on the rug.”

I moved between the couch and the chair, turned so  both women could see. “Get going!” Kathy commanded. “For every minute or fraction thereof, you will get a minute of warmup spanking before your first question.” Kathy looked at her watch.

I rubbed frantically. I didn’t need any more spanking than I knew was coming. I didn’t know how long it took. Finally, a burst of semen filled my hand. I breathed hard as I milked out every last drop.

“Two minutes and ten seconds,” Kathy announced. “Will, lick your hand clean and hold it in your mouth.”

Yuck! I did as I was told. “Now, get over Mary’s lap,” Kathy ordered.

I put myself across Mary’s lap. She wriggled a bit to get comfortable. She clamped her legs together gripping my balls. I could feel the denim of her jeans.

“Ok, Mary warm him up. Alexa, set a three minute spanking timer.”

“Three minute timer starting now,” Alexa announced.

Mary started on my sit spot. Her swats were a lot lighter than Kathy’s.

“Hit harder and faster,” Kathy encouraged.

Mary’s strokes got faster and a little harder. I was breathing hard. “He’s not screaming. Hit harder!” Kathy instructed.

Mary took the advice to heart and lifted her arm above her head and came down hard on my sore, red flesh.

I screamed.”Good Girl,” Kathy said.

Without the need for further help, Mary continued hitting hard and fast alternating between my cheeks. Tears started to form in my eyes.

“Your three-minute spanking timer is done,” the speaker announced. Mary stopped.

“Show us your cum!” Kathy commanded.

I stuck out my tongue revealing the white blob of semen. “Good boy! Swallow it,” Kathy commanded.

I swallowed the disgusting mess. “Just three more questions — maybe,” Kathy said. Here’s your first question. The topic is geography.” I groaned. “What is the oldest city in the United States?”

I know this! “Saint Augustine, Florida!”

“Right,” Kathy said sounding a little disappointed. “Mary, make this count. Alexa, set a one minute spanking timer.”

“One minute timer starting now.”

This time Mary started full force. I gasped as her paddle hit me. This is no fun at all. Some game! All thought left me as her second blow landed. I screamed and cried. Finally,

“Your one-minute spanking timer is done.”

Mary was more vicious than Kathy. I still had at least two more questions to go!

I whimpered softly. “Ok, Will, the topic is science. Remember, one wrong answer and we do another round with the spanking time doubled. Where can you find the smallest bone in the human body?”

“The ear,” I said softly.

“We need a little more,”Kathy said.

Oh no! Wait, I know! “The middle ear!”

Kathy sighed. “Right.” Ready?

Mary smiled and said, “Yes.”

“Okay,” Kathy replied. Alexa, set a one minute spanking timer.”

“One minute timer starting now.”

Mary delivered a stunning blow to the center of my butt. The paddle hit both sides at the same time. She continued hitting the same place hard and fast. She was like a machine; the blows going on and on.

“Your one-minute spanking timer is done.”

Mary stopped. She was breathing hard from her effort. “Whew!” she said. “You make me work too hard.”

“If you get this one right, this spanking game is over. Ready?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said softly.

“Okay, the subject is sports. Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite off in 1997?”

Oh God! I thought furiously. “Evander Holyfields,” I said.

“Right,” Kathy said. “Okay Mary. It’s our last chance. Alexa, set a one minute spanking timer.”

“One minute starting now.”

(To be continued.)

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  1. Mmm, so hot!
    What a lucky boy you are!
    How soon does Mary get to enjoy your oral skills?
    I hope she takes full advantage of your tongue, and you get to demonstrate your pussylicking and ass kissing expertise!
    Thank you!

  2. Love to have an update if Kathy and Mary start pleasuring each other while Will watches and then spank him afterwards to celebrate. That would be very hot!

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