Wanked And Spanked By Kathy and Mary Part 1

I was asked if the posts are real or fantasy. I experienced all of them. I won’t swear that every quote is exactly right. The events actually happened the way I’m writing them. They happened in the recent past. I hope you like reading about our adventures.

Mary was a little late. I ended up standing by the door for almost 1/2 hour. I began to worry that she wouldn’t be coming. I was also worried that she would laugh at me as I stood there in my pink frilly panties. This is the first time I found myself in female garb.

My erection had subsided while I stood by the door nervously anticipating our visitor. I noticed that there was a wet stain on the silky material. I had been dripping precum since Kathy had me put them on.

I couldn’t see a clock, but I think I was standing for about a half-hour when the doorbell finally rang. I moved to the door and opened it. Mary was about 5’3″ tall with short, boyish brown hair. She had a very cute, impish face. She smiled broadly as she looked me up and down. I blushed. “Come in,” I said. Still smiling, Mary walked into the living room. She took off her coat and handed it to me. While I was hanging it in the closet, Kathy said, “Hi Mary. It’s so good to see you!”

Mary made herself comfortable on the couch next to Kathy. It was clear that the two of them were very good friends. “Will, come here and sit between us.” Mary moved over and I sat between them. “How do you like my Will?” Kathy asked.

Mary looked at me and said, “I think he’s quite cute.”

I could feel my erection beginning again. The flimsy fabric of the panties did nothing to hide my growing excitement. Mary looked at me and said, “Oh my! Look at him!”

I blushed furiously. Kathy said, “I think he likes you.”

Mary looked directly at Kathy, “Can I see?”

“Of course! Will take off your panties.”

I stood up and started pulling down the panties. “No, no! Face us!” Kathy said sternly.

I slowly turned and then pulled down the panties. I started to return to my seat. “Stand there for a bit,” Kathy said.

I stood with my hands at my side while the women inspected me. “May I?” Mary asked.

“Of course!” Kathy said. “Will, move in front of Mary.”

I blushed even redder. I slowly moved in front of Mary. She immediately reached out and fondled my balls. “Nice, no hair,” Mary said. She continued gently massaging my balls with one hand and then reached up with her other hand and began slowly jerking me off.

I couldn’t believe that she was doing this. I never met this woman before. She’s been in the house less than five minutes and she’s playing with me! I’ve never experienced anything like this. Kathy was smiling broadly. “I think she likes you, Will.”

“That’s putting it mildly!” I thought to myself. I know that Mary and Kathy and talked at work about me. I thought it would take her some time before she would be comfortable enough to do anything intimate. Clearly, I was wrong.

As though reading my mind, Kathy said, “I’ll bet you’re wondering why someone you just met is so comfortable with you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Mary and I are very good friends. I’ve known her as long as I’ve been with the company.” Kathy had her current job about three years. “Over the years we started sharing more and more about our lives. She knows all about our new ‘hobby’. She’s seen you play with yourself. You do remember, don’t you?”

Mary was still lightly rubbing my balls stroking my cock. “Y yes, ma’am,” I stammered.

Kathy continued, “wouldn’t you say that she already knows you quite intimately?”

I looked at Mary. She was smiling. “Yes, ma’am.” So far, Mary hadn’t said a word. She also kept up her steady, slow stroking. She had very soft hands. Kathy said, “Don’t make a mess on Mary’s jeans. Let her know if you need her to stop.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Thank you,” Mary said looking at Kathy. Mary had never addressed anything to me. Again, almost as though reading my mind, Mary said in a voice that sounded like she was talking to a pet dog, “You’ll be a good boy and let me know when I should stop petting you before you make a mess, won’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said almost without thinking.

“That’s my good boy!” She said while briefly increasing the speed she was rubbing my cock. “Kathy, he’s such a good boy!”

“He’s learning,” Kathy said. She was smiling brightly as she winked at Mary.

“I’d like to help train him,” Mary said. Kathy nodded her approval. She took her hands off my cock and balls and looked into my eyes. “When I tell you to sit, I want you to kneel on the floor facing me. Keep your back straight and head up. If I tell you to lie down, you will lie on your back with your head away from me, legs wide apart and knees up so that your feet are on the floor. Understand?”

“yes, ma’am.”

Mary looked directly into my eyes and in a firm voice said, “Sit!”

I dropped to my knees facing Mary, my back straight with a throbbing erection. “Good boy!” Mary said enthusiastically clapping her hands. “Okay, now lie down!”

I lay on the floor on my back facing her. I put my legs as wide apart as I could and drew up my knees so that my feet were flat on the floor.

Mary got off the couch and kneeled next to me. She started rapidly masturbating me and said, “What a good boy you are!” She stopped rubbing and moved back to her place on the couch. Facing Kathy she said, “He’s got possibilities.”

Kathy looked very pleased. She said, “You are very good at this training.”

“One of my first jobs was working for a kennel. I learned how to train dogs.” Pointing at me she said, “It doesn’t seem much different with him.”

Kathy smiled broadly. “Would you like to be his trainer? Do you have the time and energy?”

Mary paused as she thought about this. “I suppose I could.”

Kathy continued, “He is a bit different than a dog. He’s probably a little smarter in some ways, but we’ve discovered he needs discipline for him to learn. He gets spanked when he is naughty. Would you be agreeable to spanking him?”

“Oh yes!” Mary said brightly.

“There is one other matter,” Kathy said. “I know we’ve talked about this earlier and I want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Are you listening, Will?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“We’ve decided that it wouldn’t be fair for you to penetrate me sexually and not Mary.”

“Oh boy!” I thought. I’ll have two women to fuck.

Kathy continued, “As Mary and I discussed, it wouldn’t be fair for you to just take one of us vaginally. We both think that the best thing would be to eliminate vaginal sex for you. You can use your tongue and your fingers to please us as we wish. If it suits one of us to let you squirt, we will do it by hand. You are forbidden from playing with it at any time. Do you understand?”

Sadly, “Yes, ma’am.”

Mary looked sharply at me. “Don’t you think it will be nice if we choose to milk you and let you make a little mess?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s better. Mary said. You will be spanked when needed. I’ll add that you may be spanked just because we want to remind you who’s in charge. I’m new to spanking, but Kathy promised me she would teach me and I will get lots of practice.” Mary smiled evilly.

Kathy continued. “Will is easily distracted when he’s aroused. You can see the dreamy look in his eyes as his penis drips with excitement. One of the most important reasons we will make you squirt is to help focus your attention. As Mary has already showed you, she knows how to milk a boy like you.

“Tonight we will make it fun for all of us. It’s going to be wank and spank game time. Mary if you don’t mind will you milk the boy. After he squirts please feed all of his mess to him. He always cleans up after himself.”

Mary said, “I would be delighted.” Without another word, she moved to the floor next to me. She began briskly jerking me off. “Be a good boy and don’t make me work too hard. Good boys squirt quickly when they are told to.”

I was already very excited and her words pushed me right over the edge. I came with a loud groan and semen squirted up and landed on my belly. Mary kept milking for a few minutes more to make sure I was completely empty and then she used her hand to pick up my mess. “Stick out your tongue, she said and lick this all up.”

I did as she said and she fed me every drop. I hate that taste! After she had scooped up the last bit, she said “Now, clean up my hand.”

Obediently, I licked her hand clean. “What a good puppy! She said brightly.

Kathy said, “now that’s out of the way, let’s begin our game.”

(To be continued.)

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  1. I have enjoyed your blog so far. I read your 3-31-20 posting today and then read all your posts since you started your blog. Please keep writing them. You are living the kind of life i once had many years ago, and i enjoy reading about Wives who punish and use their Husband for their pleasure.
    slave kendra

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