Sit Rep

When I started this blog I had no idea of the direction it would take. Kathy and I were a settled couple who discovered spanking. She had done a very good job reading my need to have my bottom paddled regularly. Then, out of the blue COVID-19 struck, Kathy and I were furloughed and Kathy’s good friend from work, Mary, came to live with us.

It turned out that the women didn’t plan a normal houseguest situation. They decided it might be a good idea to see how it would work sharing me. They correctly assumed I wouldn’t mind being with two women. They were right.

Kathy decided that if this arrangement was going to work, Mary and I needed time to bond. She suggested that we take two weeks for a “honeymoon”. During that time, I would be exclusively with Mary. I would sleep in her room and only have sex with her.

It didn’t take long for Mary to discover that spanking me turned her on. It might be an understatement to say that she loved it. My first spanking from her left me bruised and sore for days. Mary inspected my rear end every morning impatiently waiting for me to heal enough for another session.

I didn’t expect this. Kathy is more of a reluctant spanker. It took her a long time to get to the point that she could spank me hard enough to leave me bruised and sore. It took her even longer to get comfortable doing it. By the time Mary came along, Kathy treated spanking me as just another wifely duty.

At the end of the first week of our honeymoon, it was clear to me that Mary was a keeper. We fit together beautifully. I wasn’t terribly happy about how much she loved beating my ass, but then I always liked being spanked.

Kathy seemed happy with the arrangement. She didn’t show any jealousy. She knew I loved sex with Mary. I thought that Kathy might have a problem with the fact that Mary like to spank me so much. It was a point of connection that Kathy and I didn’t really share. Sure, Kathy could spank me very well and did quite frequently. But I knew she was doing it just because I wanted it.

Mary spanked me because it turned her on. I was sure that she would find a way to beat my butt whether or not I was looking for a spanking. It was pure sex for her. I worried that Kathy might be jealous of this passion. Mary also liked the taste of semen. Kathy hated it. I loved getting my cock sucked. Of course, Kathy knew that.

I worried that these two areas of connection with Mary might worry Kathy. After all, I thought that Kathy might have some feelings of insecurity around these two issues. Apparently she doesn’t. In fact, from the way she is talking, Kathy thinks Mary is doing her a big favor. I get my cock sucked and my ass beaten by someone who truly enjoys doing it.

For my part, everything looked pretty good. I hadn’t thought too deeply about the fact that there were now two women who controlled me. So far, I had only been exposed to the fun parts. In terms of my day-to-day life there weren’t too many changes.

The most obvious was that I no longer bathed alone. Either Kathy or Mary showered me. At first I thought this was terrific. It really feels great for a woman’s hands to thoroughly wash my cock, balls, and ass. As I began the second week of our honeymoon, it started to dawn on me that my shower time was probably the only really private time I had left. Now, it’s supervised too.

With all of us not working and staying home to avoid getting infected, someone was with me 24 hours a day. Even if I wanted to, there was no opportunity to jerk off or even get myself hard. I belong to Kathy and Mary. Both of them had made it clear that they like that idea. They like the fact that I am always naked at home and that at least one of them is always with me.

That’s not entirely true. There are times that I’m sent into the den to play on the computer. During those times Kathy and Mary have their talks. Sometimes these talks go on for hours. In case you think I’m safe during those times to do as I please, I’m not. One of them checks up on me at least several times an hour. I never know when, but I will feel soft hands on my shoulders as one of them sees what I’m doing on the computer.

I can’t decide if this is a problem. I’m usually pretty independent. I don’t mind being naked and losing all my body hair. That’s kind of sexy. It’s also fun to shower with one of the women. I’m starting to be a little concerned about the fact that I’m never allowed to be alone.

Should I care?

All of my needs are being taken care of. I get a lot of sex. I may not get as much as I want, but I can’t complain. I asked for a relationship where I am spanked both for fun and as punishment when needed. That puts me in a submissive role.

I am not being treated like a slave or a pet. Neither of the women demean me or make me feel inferior. That’s good. On the other hand, they’ve made it completely clear that they intend to supervise me at all times.

I don’t know if they’ve discussed it, but both Kathy and Mary feel completely free to sexually stimulate me at any time. I may be sitting at the table eating lunch when Mary might move over next to me and begin jerking me off. She’ll do it without saying a word. Kathy may smile when she notices. Mary remains silent.

She’ll continue until I’m ready to have an orgasm. Then she will stop and tell me to eat the rest of my lunch. Both girls will laugh. Kathy does the same thing. This can happen at any time at all. We might be watching TV or just relaxing and chatting. It doesn’t matter. When one of them gets in the mood, she will get me aroused.

Of course this is fun for me. At least it was in the beginning. Now, only a week later, I’m starting to see this as a kind of invasion of my privacy. Nothing, not even the most private things like sex and bathing belong to me anymore. They belong to Kathy and Mary.

Maybe, by extension, this is a way of telling me that I belong to them. It isn’t cruel or humiliating. It’s just a simple fact. Apparently, I am their property and they can do what they wish with me at anytime they want.

If I can accept this, it may facilitate our new relationship. Since I am the only one who can have sex with Kathy and Mary, perhaps they should possess me as a beloved toy. I’m not sure.

I don’t know how much thinking they’ve done about this. I may be overthinking the situation. We haven’t had to make any joint decisions yet. Sooner or later we will. Eventually we will have to decide on where to go on vacation, what big items to purchase, etc. I may want to change jobs. How will this work?

I suspect we will each have a vote. Neither Kathy nor Mary are femdoms. I don’t think either of them gets off on power trips. It seems very unlikely that they want to dominate me and make me into some sort of sex slave. (I might like that!) I think it’s more likely that in areas of relationship and sex, they want complete control.  If I don’t get a vote about sex and relationship issues, they have a balance of power. It doesn’t do either of them any good to set get me to side with them.

It feels like we are developing an interesting relationship dynamic. I am surrendering privacy and sexual control. I am also agreeing to allow either of them to discipline me as they wish. In return, I get two women who love me and will work hard to make me happy.

I think it’s a good trade; at least I hope it is.

3 thoughts on “Sit Rep

  1. I am honestly finding your journey absolutely fascinating and look forward to each new instalment. I would like to say though, that if you are having any doubts at all you should discuss them with your ladies. They sound like they want you to be happy and this is the ultimate goal for the three of you. If you have concerns that you don’t speak up about they could fester and present a problem somewhere later down the line. Be open with them and they will fine tune the arrangements with you so all three of you are happy.
    I also wanted to ask you, has it bothered you that Kathy has not shown any signs of jealousy about you and Mary?
    Hope you don’t mind the questions, etc but I truly am fascinated at the direction your life has taken. I hope it all works out really well for the three of you! 😀 x

    1. We all talk regularly. The women are adamant about strict supervision, at least for now. There are too many benefits for me to get too concerned. A big part is just learning a new way of living. I’ll give it a good chance.

      1. That is such good news. I think your ‘new normal’ is way more interesting than the general new normal for most people! 😀 Long may it continue. Thanks for responding to my nosy questions. I truly am just fascinated by how it’s all unfolding. 🙂 Stay safe and well.

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