Setting The Ground Rules

Mary moved in on Friday night (“A Covid Gift“). We all slept together, exhausted from the move. As I wrote in my previous post (“Will Is Waxed All Over“), I spent Saturday night with Mary. We had a very good time and I had my first opportunity to fuck in well over a month. Mary and I were awakened by the smell of bacon wafting in from the kitchen. She had spent the night spooning me.

I rolled over so that I was facing her. I kissed her gently on the lips and said, “Good morning. How are you feeling?”

Mary purred like a satisfied kitten and said, “Wonderful, and you?” I gave her another kiss as an answer. “Let’s get the smell of sex off of us and go get some breakfast.”

We slowly got up and padded into the bathroom. We washed each other paying careful attention to those spots that might have the most smell of sex. I was hard the entire time we were in the shower. Mary told me that while it was fun to see me hard and excited, nothing was going to happen this morning. That didn’t stop her from spending an extra long time washing my cock and balls.

We dried each other off. Mary put on a T-shirt. I was completely naked because that’s the way I am required to be. We walked out into the living room, crossed into the dining room, and heard Kathy busy in the kitchen. “Can I help you?” Mary called out.

“Yes, please,” Kathy answered. Mary joined her in the kitchen and I could hear them chatting away as pots and dishes clanked and clattered.

“Will, set the table,” Kathy said.

I got to work getting out dishes, glasses, and coffee mugs. I also put a napkin and silverware at each place setting. When I finished I sat in my usual seat at the table trying to hear what the women were saying. I couldn’t quite make it out.

A few minutes later Kathy and Mary emerged from the kitchen carrying plates of bacon, scrambled eggs, and rye toast. Kathy had a tray with our coffee pot and a pitcher of orange juice. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was.

“I see you are dressed casually,” Kathy remarked to Mary as we sat down.

Mary’s ass and pussy were clearly visible below the hem of her T-shirt. Mary laughed and said, “I like to dress for meals.” Kathy was wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Her feet were bare.

We all laughed at that. The food got passed around and we all dug in hungrily. There was no conversation until we had finished our eggs and bacon and toast and sat back to sip our coffee. Kathy started.

“I think it might be a good idea for us to set some ground rules on our lives together. I’ve been thinking about this. Mary, you should know that Will and I have very different sex drives. He is much more interested in sex than me. I am generally happy with no more than a couple of orgasms a week.

“I’m also not a big fan of giving Will oral sex. I love his penis, just not in my mouth. I don’t like the taste of semen and spit it out every time I let him come there. I think you like sex much more than I,” Kathy directed at Mary.

“It sounds like I do,” Mary replied. “I think I could have sex more than once a day,” she laughed. “I love the taste of semen!”

Oh boy!

Kathy continued, “Based on their way we slept together Friday night, you seem to like to be closer to Will than me. I generally like to have air around me.”

“I love to spoon!” Mary interjected.

Kathy went on, “I know we’ve been friends for a long time, Mary. And I probably don’t need to say this, but for Will’s benefit let me say that while I don’t like semen in my mouth, I am 100% on team penis. I don’t expect you and I will ever have sex together.”

“I feel the same way,” Mary said. “I think it’s pretty clear that both of us expect our sexual satisfaction to come from Will. “Get that, big boy?”

I grinned broadly. “I will do my best,” I said modestly.

“You bet you will! Mary and Kathy said in unison.


“I’ve been thinking about this,” Kathy continued. “I think we can divide up some of our,” she cleared her throat noisily, “chores.

“Since you clearly like sex more than I, why don’t you take charge of Will’s exercise? You decide what sexual releases he gets and schedule exercise sessions with us as desired. I was also thinking that since you wax him, you should also take charge of his grooming,” Kathy smiled broadly.

Mary said, “I can do that. Since I am responsible for our sleeping and exercising, why don’t you take charge of discipline?”

Kathy laughed, “absolutely! I can do that.” She looked sharply at Will, “that doesn’t mean Mary won’t be spanking you if needed! Understand?”

I told them both that I understood. I was smiling broadly. Since Kathy and Mary would be working out sex and sleeping arrangements, I felt more confident that we could avoid jealousy and bad feelings if one of the women felt I was paying too much attention to the other. It seemed that my only problem was being able to perform adequately to keep them both happy.

“I think that’s enough administrative detail for right now,” Kathy said. “As long as we keep communicating and share him fairly, things should be fine. Now Will, the three of us will work out how to share our household activities. We are equal partners when it comes to that. I am hoping that we fall naturally into a pattern and that we learn to love each other very much.

“Mary and I have known each other for years. We’ve shared our secrets, our hopes, and our fears. She is my best female friend. You and I, of course, are best friends as well. If we want this to remain in a happy roommate situation, we have to be very open and share our feelings at all times. I sense that this could turn into more than that. Sex has a way of creating emotional vulnerability and potentially, love. I want you both to know that I am very open to that.”

I was very surprised to hear Kathy say that. I think Mary was too. We were all silent for a while. I was working hard to digest this possibility.

“Don’t let that put you off,” Kathy said. I don’t want you to feel we have to fall in love with each other and live happily ever after. I just want you to know that if that should happen, I’m absolutely fine with it.”

Mary sighed quietly and said, “I’m glad you shared that, Kathy. After the last two nights, I’ve had a feeling that we all seem to share an emotional connection. I have no idea where it will lead, but I am also open to the possibilities. I want to make one thing clear, as far as I’m concerned about our control and discipline of Will, is not going to be my basis for my relationship with him. At the least, we will become very good friends. If more follow, I’m sure we will all be very happy. However, the sexual and disciplinary part of our relationship isn’t something I’m willing to let control it.”

I was very happy to hear that. I didn’t think we stood much of a chance of my role was to just be a sex slave. I said, “Thank you, Mary. I was a little worried about that.”

“I feel exactly the same way,” Kathy said. “That doesn’t mean we won’t be strict with you no matter how we feel.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

We got up from the table and cleared the dishes. Kathy loaded the dishwasher, Mary washed the pots, and I dried them. “See? It’s all working out!, Kathy laughed.

I was very glad that neither of the women expected me to become a housemaid. I could never do that. Generally, on Sunday mornings, Kathy and I have breakfast in bed and watch CBS Sunday Morning that we record on the DVR. I suggested that now that the table was cleared and our bellies full, we all go to Kathy’s bedroom and watch the show.

They agreed. We went into the bedroom. Kathy took her place on the right side of the bed, I got into the center, and Mary on my left. Mary snuggled close and put her head on my shoulder. Kathy saw that and moved over and put her head on my other shoulder. Each of them had a hand on my inner thigh barely touching my balls.

Yes! I’m going to like this!

We were already developing habits building us as an inclusive threesome. I felt a warm sense of security. They seemed to feel the same.

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