Preparing For The Party

Kathy works for a large medical practice. She handles patient problems and requests. Her friend Mary is in the same department. On Tuesday Kathy and Mary had lunch. They talked about plans for Mary’s visit on Saturday. The women spoke softly and laughed quietly throughout the extended meal. Clearly, they had a plan.

On Tuesday night, all Kathy would say was that Mary would be arriving at 6 PM for dinner on Saturday. She smiled softly when she said it. I wondered what the women had cooked up.

Throughout the week, Kathy would only smile when I asked her about her plans. Every night she had me spend quality time using my tongue between her legs. My wife had become a devoted fan of cunnilingus. As for me, my penis remained untouched. Throughout each extended oral session, my hard cock pressed uncomfortably against the bed while I licked her.

It felt like a month, but Saturday finally arrived. We went grocery shopping and got a nice wine for dinner, New York sirloin steaks, and fresh string beans. For dessert, we bought a New York cheesecake.

After shopping, Kathy put me to work vacuuming the living room. She busied herself in the kitchen. At 4 o’clock Kathy told me to go upstairs and take a very good shower. She told me to make sure I was clean everywhere. After my shower, she told me to come downstairs.

I took a long, hot shower scrubbing carefully between my legs and cheeks. I shaved my pubic hair. After I toweled off, I padded down the stairs and found Kathy quietly reading on the couch. She looked up from her book and studied me. “Yes, very nice.”

She reached next to her. I hadn’t noticed, but there was a small box there. She lifted it and handed it to me. “Open this,” she said.

Inside, nestled in pink tissue paper was a neatly folded pair of frilly pink panties. “I believe this is your size,” she said. “Try them on.”

I put the box down and gingerly put the panties on. My face was blushing Pinker than the silky fabric. “Turn around,” she commanded.

I slowly turned a full circle. “Very cute,” she remarked. “If you haven’t guessed, you will be wearing this tonight when Mary comes over.”

Oh well, I thought. That’s not too bad nobody will see them under my jeans.

“Oh, by the way,” Mary said casually, “this is all you will be wearing tonight.”

I blushed even redder. “Just these?” I stammered.

Kathy smiled. “Yes, that’s all.”

This was a shock to me. Kathy was staring at my crotch. My hard penis was pressing against the soft fabric of the panties. There was a little wet spot where some precum had oozed out. “Take them off,” Kathy said sternly. “I don’t want Mary to see you in stained undies.”

I carefully removed the panties and folded them neatly putting them back in the box. I could feel my cock sticking straight out in front of me. “Come here,” Kathy said.

I moved in front of her. She reached out and gently stroked my throbbing penis. “I can see that you like this idea.”

Still blushing, “yes, ma’am.”

“You do look cute,” Kathy smiled. “We have a little under an hour before Mary gets here. Set the table and then you can sit next to me on the couch.”

I set the table for dinner and joined Kathy. She reached over and gently rubbed my balls. She stroked them the same way she might pet a cat. I nearly purred. “It’s almost time for Mary to get here,” she said. “Put on your panties and stand by the door so she won’t have to be kept waiting when she arrives.”

I put on the pink panties and walked to our door. My cock was rock hard. According to the clock by the fireplace I could see that Mary was due to arrive in about 15 minutes. This will be a long wait.

(To be continued.)

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  1. I’m curious Will, does Kathy still not know about your blog? I think she should you know, imagine how thrilled she would be to see how her FLR skills have affected you mentally as well as physically. If it was me, I would want to know. She sounds absolutely fabulous by the way, a woman for women to look up to. Just the right balance of power with you, she isn’t mean or unnecessarily cruel to you and you can feel the love working between you in every post you write. Congrats. That is a hard balance to achieve in any relationship, but the level of trust in yours is awesome. Stay safe x

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