My ass finally gets to heal

Things are getting serious. Mary wants sex nearly every day. She checks with Kathy and Kathy also wants sex, Mary has me use my tongue so that Kathy can have the use of my penis.

The problem is that Mary’s preferred form of foreplay is spanking me. Mary is a strict spanker and always ends up leaving me in tears. After almost 2 weeks of this, my rear end is a solid black and blue mark. This can’t go on. I asked for a family meeting.

I think that the women expected this. Neither seemed surprised when I said that daily spankings were too much for me. Kathy said that she wondered when I would finally say something. Mary looked a little disappointed.

Kathy suggested that even though Mary loved spanking me, I needed time to recover before I can get another spanking. She suggested one foreplay spanking a week. Mary said, “is that all?”

Kathy replied that at least for the time being, that makes the most sense for my health. I agreed. I also asked that I get no spankings until I’ve had time to heal. Both women agreed.

Mary said that she would like to experiment with non-spanking foreplay. Both Kathy and I looked at her curiously. Did she mean oral attention from me? Kissing? Some other traditional sexual activity?

The answer was no. Mary said that she had been reading about pegging. She said that it would be hot to fuck me with a dildo. I made a face. “You didn’t think foreplay would be comfortable for you, did you?” Mary asked.

I admitted that I thought it would. Apparently Mary has discovered that she gets off causing me sexual pain. “I guess you are a sadist,” I said.

Mary smiled broadly. “I prefer to think that I am a thoughtful lover who enjoys providing her partner with strong sensations.”

Kathy rolled her eyes. I groaned softly. “Here we go again,” I thought to myself. I pointed out that I have almost never had anything up my ass larger than a thermometer. Mary smiled and said that she would take care of that.

“First, we need to figure out what size dildo Will needs to start out. I figure if we get one his size, he can’t complain about it being too big.” Mary said.

Kathy smiled agreement. “Will, go get a measuring tape.”

I sighed and went to Kathy’s sewing box and fetched the measuring tape. Kathy got a pencil and paper. “Okay, let’s get started,” she said. Kathy started playing with my penis. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect. Once I was hard enough, she took the measuring tape and measured the length of my penis. “A little under 6 inches,” she announced. She then wrapped the tape around the base of my hard cock. “four and three-quarter inches around.”

Mary took out her phone. “Okay, that’s 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Will, go order yourself a dildo that size. I got up and went to my computer. Amazon had one that was 7 inches long and 1 1/2 inches diameter. “Close enough,” I thought.

I went back to the living room and reported success. I told Kathy and Mary that the dildo would be arriving the next day. Mary clapped her hands. Kathy smiled as well. “I think I’ll make use of it too,” she said.

I was beginning to think that my rear end was much more popular than my front. I decided that I needed to take a bit more control or daily pegging would turn out to be worse than the spankings that destroyed my butt.

“I appreciate your desire to give me strong sensations. I don’t think I can handle them on a daily basis. Vanilla sex is one thing. I’m pretty sure that I’m up to daily fucking. If not, you both like my tongue. But we have to tone down the recreational BDSM.”

Mary didn’t look very happy. She was having a great time. “What do you propose?”

“Let’s limit the strong sensations to two or three times a week at most. Of course, if discipline is needed, that’s different.”

Kathy quickly chimed in, “Fair enough. Mary, do you agree?”

“I guess so.”

That’s how my bruised ass finally got to heal.

5 thoughts on “My ass finally gets to heal

  1. I’m glad your ass is getting a rest. I’ve been worried;)
    And, … as somebody who likes being penetrated, I think you may come to enjoy pegging.
    Unless Mary brutalizes you, which I guess may happen.
    I hope you will stand up for yourself before the pegging gets out of hand.
    You don’t want to have your anus / rectum damaged.
    Tell her she’s got to be gentle. You do have a safe-word, don’t you?

  2. have you yet experimented with post cum spankings? Have a good spanking right after orgasm.. It’s memorable, but maybe not in a very fun way. Every spamko should experience it.

  3. I am not saying that I do not enjoy these stories, but I am not sure that they are real life.
    If Kathy and will live in an apartment, and the spanking makes him scream, then all the neighbours will hear, and he said early on he did not want to be humiliated. Also on many occasions he goes into the third person and says what he thinks Mary or Kathy are thinking. A novelist would do that not a blogger as how would will know what they are thinking.
    Finally, what happened to Mary’s sister. When she told about what was going on, she expressed a desire to get in on the action. I am sure Mary would have shared the story, and brought her in.
    It is a good read, and I hope for more episodes, but fiction I feel is what this is. But you may prove me wrong

    1. Interesting analysis. Screaming is not necessarily audible to others because I scream into the bedding. The last thing I want is for the neighbors to hear me. I don’t know exactly how you expect bloggers to write. I choose to use first and third person when it suits me. You are certainly welcome to draw whatever conclusions you want. Hopefully, I will be writing again soon. As you might imagine, the pandemic is affecting us too.

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