Mary’s Honeymoon Begins

Kathy and Mary had spanked Will on Sunday night, “A Quiet Sunday Turns Into Husband’s Worst Spanking Ever“. When they were done, they had Will stand nose-pressed into the corner with his hands on his head.

I stood in the corner with my hands on my head. I could hear a little whispering behind me and then I sensed Kathy and Mary leaving the room. There was a low murmur of voices in the living room. I don’t know how long they were talking. My bottom was burning and my legs started to shake from standing in the corner with my nose pressed against the wall. I heard someone come back into the room.

“Come here,” Kathy said sternly. I walked over to the bed where she was sitting. She tapped the bed next to her and I sat down. It wasn’t very comfortable. My bottom was quite sore.

“Mary and I were just talking. We decided that if things were going to work out, you and she need to give being together a fair try. Starting now, you and Mary are going on your honeymoon.”

I looked a little startled. Kathy put her finger to her lips and shushed me.

“After all, you and I have been together for 10 years. Mary has to feel like an outsider. Since we have agreed that you and she can have sex and you can sleep with her, it’s important for us to understand what sort of relationship we want. For the next two weeks, you and she will be an exclusive couple. You will sleep with her, make love to her, and behave the same way you would if you are on your honeymoon. At the end of the two weeks, we should all have a good idea of whether Mary is going to end up as our roommate with benefits or a member of our relationship. Make sense?”

I was quiet for a minute. I didn’t expect this and I worried that Kathy would feel left out or jealous. It did make sense. Finally, I said, “Yes I suppose it does.”

Kathy smiled sweetly. “You really are a good boy.” She stood. “Now come join me in the shower and I will get you ready for your honeymoon to begin.”

I followed Kathy into the bathroom. She adjusted the temperature of the shower and stepped in. I joined her. We soaped each other thoroughly. Kathy spent extra long time rubbing my balls with one hand and my cock with the other. It felt very good. “Don’t you dare come!” She said sternly.

“I think you better stop or I will. I can’t help it.”

Kathy stopped rubbing. “Okay, I wanted to prime the pump for Mary. She wants to milk you tonight and I wanted to make sure she got a nice mouthful.”

Kathy turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I joined her and we toweled each other off. We walked out of the bathroom together. “Now get going. It’s time for you to start your honeymoon.”

trouble in paradise

I padded from our bedroom across the hall to Mary’s. She was sitting on the bed wearing a terrycloth robe with her head down. She didn’t look happy. I sat down next to her. “Are you okay?”

She didn’t look up. In a soft voice she said, “No.”

“What’s wrong?”

She was silent. I wanted to say something but decided it was probably better to give her a chance to collect her thoughts and speak to me. I felt an uncomfortable churning in my stomach. I sensed bad news was coming.

Finally she spoke. I could hardly hear her as she’s talked down into her lap. “I don’t think I can do this.” Mary sniffled.

“Did I do something you didn’t like?” I was about ready to cry myself.

Mary looked up at me and held my face between her hands. “No, Will, it’s me. I feel terrible about hitting you.”

I was looking directly into her eyes. I could see tears forming. Her upper lip quivered. “I just can’t stand hurting you. I know it’s what you want, but I just can’t do it. I don’t think things will work out with us.”

This was the last thing I expected to hear. While I was being spanked, Mary’s swats were every bit as hard as Kathy’s. She seemed to be really getting into it. Then I thought a little more deeply. It must have been hard for her to see the marks she was making and hear my cries. After my spanking when I finally stood up, I was crying. I think I get it. I said, “I don’t think that will be a problem for us.”

“You need to be spanked. I know that and you know that.” Mary looked forlorn.

I smiled faintly. “It’s true I do need it. But we already have someone who is very happy to do it to me. It doesn’t bother Kathy a bit to beat me. You don’t need to do it ever again. She’s in charge of discipline and has no trouble taking that duty on without your help. I don’t mind. It’s a little like oral sex. Kathy doesn’t like it when I come in her mouth, you like it a lot. So, you divide the labor. She spanks me and you milk me.”

“I didn’t think of it that way,” Mary said still sounding a little doubtful. “You mean you don’t mind if I never spank you?”

“No, of course not. I can’t tell who is spanking me. I’m facing away from you. Kathy can take on that job without making me think that you are not doing something you should.”


“Yes, really,” I said in a firm voice.

Mary slipped off her robe. “Hold me,” she said.

milking time

I put my arms around her. Our thighs were touching and we rotated our bodies so we faced one another. She looked beautiful and very vulnerable. I slowly moved toward her and kissed her lips. They parted and my tongue gently explored her teeth and the inside of her mouth.

Her tongue reciprocated. She probed my mouth. I felt her hand move to my thigh. She reached my cock. It was hard. She began rubbing it slowly. Up and down one pair of movements taking about a second. It was very exciting. My kiss became more urgent. Her hand moved a little faster.

She didn’t move fast enough to push me over the edge. But it felt like our tongues were connected to my penis. She would slow down if I slowed down kissing her. If I got too enthusiastic, she would stop. She was letting me know how she wanted me to kiss her. Her hand is a very good teacher. I was willing to keep this up forever.

I could feel her breath quickening. She stopped rubbing and moved away. “That’s enough for now, sweetie,” she said breathlessly. “We have something we need to do.”

I was a little surprised. “Are you sure you feel okay?”

Mary grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. “What do you think?” She asked.

She was extremely wet. The hairs outside of her pussy had drops of moistness on them. When I ran my finger up and down her vulva it was instantly lubricated. I gently parted the lips and found her clitoris.

“Oh God,” she breathes softly. Her legs relaxed more znd my finger traveled inside her. She was absolutely ready. I started to move so that I could stand between her legs. “No, not now. Tonight is for you, just you.”

“I don’t mind making you come,” I said ever so eloquently.

Mary panted, “No, I want tonight to be just for you sweetie. Now lie back on the bed, I’m thirsty.”

I lay on my back with my head on the pillow, my legs apart.

“A little wider apart please,” she said. “Also bring up your feet so they’re flat on the bed.”

I moved to obey. My knees were up snd my legs wide apart. I felt totally exposed. “Perfect,” she said.

Mary moved between my legs. I could feel her hand on my cock. She was pushing it up against my abdomen. I could feel her tongue licking my balls. She licked as close to my ass hole as she could get up up and over my balls. It felt amazing! “That feels so good!” I said.

“Shush, I don’t need you to say anything. I do like your smooth balls. Kathy did a good job getting you clean.”

Mary’s tongue traveled up the shaft. She paused just under the head and flicked her tongue up and down. I groaned loudly. “If she keeps that up,” I thought to myself, “I’m going to come right now.”

It was as though Mary read my thoughts. She moved up and over putting my cock in her mouth. She moved up and down and kept her tongue moving across my sensitive spot. When I thought I was ready to explode, she stopped. She took me out of her mouth and smiled at me. “Not yet,” she said mischievously. “I’m not quite ready to get my drink.”

After I caught my breath, she went back to work. It didn’t take long until I was ready to explode again. Once more she stopped smiled and waited. I don’t know how many times she did this but I had reached the point that I was humping trying to desperately get over the hill and finally ejaculate.

She took mercy on me. She kept sucking and I could feel the orgasm coming. It was like an earthquake moving through my body. My legs went down. I couldn’t hold them up. I could feel myself shaking. I heard someone groan very loudly in a deep voice. I realized it was me. Then I started to come. It felt like I was pumping into her mouth for hours. I’m sure it was only a few seconds.

When I was drained she kept sucking. I wanted her to stop and tried to pull away. The head of my cock hurt every time her tongue moved across it. Finally she released it and let it flop onto my abdomen.

Mary wasn’t done. She grabbed my softening penis and squeezed it from the bottom to the tip like a toothpaste tube. A few drops of seamen came out and she hungrily ate them licking them off my penis with her tongue.

Then she moved next to me. She put her head on my chest and snuggled in. I put my arm around her. I felt drained and happy. “You taste very good,” she said. “I could see this becoming my favorite bedtime snack.” She smiled broadly.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. I just turned my head and kissed her. This time it was a gentle kiss. There was no urgency. Her tongue went into my mouth and I could taste a little bit of myself on her. She put her head back on my chest. “You smell so good, Will. I don’t think I want you to take another shower. I love the smell of you in heat.”

That was a surprise. I didn’t know I had different smells. I was happy that Mary liked it. Mary went on, “As you know Kathy and I agreed that you and I will be a honeymoon couple for the next two weeks. We will be monogamous and spend as much of our time together as we can. Kathy thinks that will give us enough time to decide what sort of relationship we want. I’m not sure what the options are, but I would be very happy to try this out.”

“I’m not either,” I said. “Based on our first sexual experiences, I think we can safely assume that we are compatible.”

Mary laughed. “I wasn’t worried about that.” Mary turned off the bedroom light, got under the covers and said, “Want to join me?”

I got under the covers and Mary moved close to me and we lay together sharing a pillow, nose to nose. “I’m glad I like your breath,” I laughed. She reached down and gave my balls a hard pinch. “Ow!”

“Don’t be too much of a smart ass,” she said.

I closed my eyes. It didn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep. I woke up the next morning in the same position with Mary holding me tightly. She was snoring softly. I closed my eyes and listened. It was so peaceful. Her body was pressed full length against mine. I could feel a little sweat gluing us together. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but it was very very secure. I reached across her and touched her beautiful little ass. That was great to touch.

The next thing I knew, Mary was kissing me. “Time to get up sleepyhead,” she said softly. “It’s after 10 AM.”

I guess I fell back asleep I yawned. “I don’t know about that,” Mary laughed, “but I woke up with your hand on my ass.”

“Nice ass”

“Yours isn’t so bad either,” Mary said as she reached over and gently stroked mine. “I smell bacon cooking. We better get up.”

Before we could get out of bed there was a knock at the door and Kathy opened it. “I thought I heard talking,” she said. “Stay there. Breakfast is coming to you today,” she smiled.

A few minutes later Kathy came in with a tray. It had two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice, a carafe of coffee, and two plates of pancakes with bacon. My favorite breakfast!

“Honeymooners deserve breakfast in bed on their first morning together,” Kathy said. “Take your time and enjoy your breakfast. Isn’t it fun to be a newlywed?” She said pointedly to Mary.

Mary smiled with a cat-got-the-canary look on her face. Kathy winked and left us to our breakfast.

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