Kathy’s First Meeting (Part 1)

I asked Kathy to spank me. After she agreed, she asked the most logical question in the world, “What do you want me to spank you for?”

“Good question,” I said.

We talked about it a little more and Kathy said that she could make up some rules that I had to follow. That was exactly what I was hoping she would want to do. She said that she needed to do a little research.

I decided that I should give her a chance to work things out in her own mind. No further mention was made of rules or spanking that first night. Kathy didn’t say anything the next morning, either. I was starting to wonder if she was having second thoughts.

I was determined to wait for her to make the next move. If things were to work out the way I wanted, Kathy had to own this. I have a lot of faith in her. Nevertheless, all the next day I impatiently waited and nearly emailed her several times to find out what she was thinking.

I didn’t have to wait too long. A little after lunch I got an email from Kathy. It was short and to the point:


After dinner, I want to have a meeting to discuss your request,


As you might imagine, I didn’t get much work done for the rest of the day. All I could think about was what Kathy had planned for me. I pictured scenario after scenario. Most of them had us sitting across from each other at the kitchen table discussing rules and punishments. I couldn’t believe how aroused these thoughts made me.

After dinner, once we had cleared the table, washed the pots and pans, and put the dishes in the dishwasher, Kathy told me to join her in the bedroom. The bedroom? Without another word, she walked out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. I followed.

Kathy;s hairbrush

She was sitting on the edge of my side of the bed. She told me to take off all my clothes. I was hard as a rock. Once naked, I stood in front of her. She stood up and told me to lie down on my side of the bed. She pointed to the pillow and I lay on the bed on my back.

“No, no,” she said. “On your tummy.”

I obediently rolled over. Kathy walked around to her side of the bed and sat crosslegged next to me. I looked over at her and noticed she had a hairbrush sitting next to her.

will facedown in bed
She took this picture that first day.

“Now, we can begin,” she said in a soft voice. “This is how we will have meetings. You will be naked on the bed face down. I will be sitting here or standing next to you. Meetings are not so much discussions as they are opportunities for you to understand what I want. The best thing for you to say when I ask you a question is,’ Yes Ma’am.’ Do you understand?”

My mind was racing. This isn’t what I expected at all. I looked over and noticed that Kathy had an expectant expression on her face. I realized that she was expecting an answer. “Yes.”

In a flash, I felt her hairbrush crashing down on my bottom. She hit me 10 times very hard on each cheek.

“What did I tell you I expected you to say?” Kathy said in a soft voice.

“Yes, yes, yes ma’am,” I stammered.

“Better,” she said.

She continued, “I’ve been doing some research on the web and I think I have a good idea what will work for me. I assume it will also work for you.” She paused.

“Yes, ma’am!” I quickly replied.

“Much better,” she said with a smile. “Now to get back to business. Most of what I’ve read on the web seems to be male sexual fantasies about being dominated by women. I don’t see that as the way we relate to one another. We are partners. I don’t want this to change. Obviously, you want me to be in charge and to punish you as needed. Is that right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Another soft smile. “I’m going to like this,” she said.

“Anyway, I see you are getting the idea. When we have a meeting like this you are free to object to something I say. However, you remember what happened when you said no to me before?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Indeed I was getting the idea. Clearly, there is a cost for objecting. It’s nice to know I was free to express my mind. That is, as long as my bottom could handle the pain. It still burned where Kathy answered my last negative response.

“As I see it,” she said, “our disciplinary relationship will evolve over time. It will take us both a while to work out how we will proceed. I don’t think there’s any harm in getting started now. Do you?”

This was a tricky one. If I said no, which I think was the right answer to her question, I was pretty sure that my bottom would pay the price. I thought for a moment and then answered, “Yes, ma’am I don’t see any problem starting now.”

“Good boy!” She said with a broad smile. “You are starting to get the idea. If you think carefully about what you are going to say, your rear end will be much happier.”

As she said that she traced the tip of her finger lightly between my cheeks. It felt very good and my erection grew even stiffer. I wriggled a bit to get comfortable.

“It looks like you are a little uncomfortable,” Kathy said, “I think I can help. Raise up so your tummy is off the bed.”

I arched my back and could feel my hard penis pointing down towards the bed. Kathy reached under me and pulled my penis back so that it and my balls were behind me. “Open your legs wider,” Kathy instructed. I did. My cock was a little uncomfortable as it was forced behind me between my legs.

Kathy let her finger dance a little bit and on that sensitive spot below the head. I wriggled appreciatively. “What a good boy!” Kathy exclaimed. “I like when my good boy lets me know he’s having fun.”

I was getting the point. Kathy expected me to show my pleasure physically. I continued wriggling in a most undignified way as long as her finger played with the tip of my penis. Running her finger over the very tip, Kathy said, “Look what I found? There’s some wet stuff leaking out. What should I do with it? Oh, I know,” she said brightly.

She gathered the precum on her finger and moved her hand toward my face. “Stick out your tongue,” she commanded. I paused knowing what was coming next. In a heartbeat, she had the hairbrush in her other hand and administered 10 more swats to each side of my bottom. “I said stick out your tongue.”

I did. She wiped her finger on my tongue. “Your first rule is that you will consume any sexual fluids you produce. To be clear, that means if you produce precum or semen you will clean it up with your mouth. If I milk you to get it, I will feed it to you. If it ends up inside me or on the floor, or for that matter anywhere else you will lick it up.” She paused. “Do you understand?”

I made a face. Then, I said, “Yes ma’am.”

“You took your sweet time answering!” 10 more hard swats to each cheek. I let out a loud cry. “You will answer more promptly in the future, won’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

(To be continued…)

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