Husband’s Daily Spanking Routine

Ever since Mary discovered that she got very turned on by spanking me, both she and Kathy have been teasing me about it. Kathy asks Mary, “Are you horny?”

Mary laughs and says, “Will, get over here.” Then they both laugh uproariously.

The fact is that Mary is horny a lot. So far, she’s needed my services almost every day. She ordered a few new paddles from Etsy. She says that she wants to keep sex interesting (for her!). I like being spanked, of course, just not as long, hard, and often as Mary likes to spank me.

She says that I will “toughen up”. She also asks me if I want her to be happy? I do. Mary has a strong sex drive. She told me that out of consideration for Kathy’s sexual needs, I don’t have to fuck her every day.

That’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that on days that she doesn’t want me to fuck her, she has me use my tongue to please her. That’s fine with me. I love giving oral sex and Mary tastes very good. The bad news is that Mary still wants her particular brand of foreplay.

She’s decided that the best way to get her ready for orgasmic fun is to spank me. If Mary wants to be wet and ready, she puts me across her lap and brings me to tears with her paddle. Even though her objective is sexual, her approach to me is cold and businesslike. She will get an armless dining room chair and put it in the center of the livingroom.

If Kathy is home, she’ll call out, “Hey Kath! I’m going to spank Will. Want to watch?”

If I’m not in the room, she’ll call, “Will, get in here. I’m horny.”

That’s it. I’m expected to drop what I am doing and get into the living room. When I get there, Mary will be sitting on the chair. She taps her lap with her hand. I’m expected to place myself across her lap for “foreplay.”

As soon as I’m across her lap, she begins. She’s discovered, she said, that what turns her on are my reactions to her spanking me. It isn’t so much the spanking as the way I respond. She likes me to squirm, kick my feet, cry out, and eventually produce tears. The sooner she can get me going, the better as far as she is concerned.

She knows that if she hits too hard at first, I will try to jump up and will be difficult to control. So, she warms me up with some less painful swats to get me ready for the part she likes.

When she thinks I’m ready, she starts hitting hard and fast. She knows which spots hurt most. She makes sure she gives them a lot of attention. Mary figured out how to make sure I will be able to get nice and hard after she finishes for those times she wants to be fucked.

She will spank hard and fast until I am crying and squirming. Once she is turned on enough, when she will want to be fucked, she will slow down and give me a hard swat every couple of seconds. This keeps the tears flowing but allows me to catch my breath. I also start to get hard. She feels my cock hardening between her thighs. When I’m fully erect, she will stop and make me stand in front of her.

“Looks like you had a good time.”

If Kathy is there, Mary will make me turn around and show Kathy my hard cock. Then Mary will grab my balls and lead me into her bedroom. She knows I am much more responsive if she has me by the balls.

If Mary has no plans for my penis, she will continue spanking hard and fast. She really likes it when I start to sweat and sob loudly. This will go on until I can hardly breathe. Then she will stop and have me stand. I’m completely soft.

She grabs my balls and leads me to her bedroom. Once there, she undresses and lies on the bed with her legs spread and has me lick her while she has orgasm after orgasm.

My ass is a mess. Even when Mary gives me an occasional day off, sitting is painful. She insists that my skin is getting thicker and tougher. It doesn’t feel that way to me.

Damn! That woman has some sex drive.

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