Husband Makes His First Sex Video

Kathy clearly enjoyed spanking me with that spoon-shaped paddle. When she finished and we were in bed together, she still had the paddle in her hand. We were lying on our sides facing one another. “Did you have fun tonight, sweetie?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” My rear end was burning. My penis was hard as a rock.

Kathy gazed down my body.”I can see you had fun,” she said smiling. “I had a good time too. I was wondering what it would be like if we had an audience.”

“A what?” I nearly shouted.

“Yes, sweetie. I think it would be fun to show just how much you like me tanning your hide. You make such lovely sounds and your tears are such a delight. It’s a shame for them to be wasted just on me.”

“What do you mean?” I stammered “you can’t be serious? I would be so embarrassed!”

Kathy paused thoughtfully. “Yes, I suppose you might be in the beginning. I have a feeling you would really like a little humiliation. I think it would do you a great deal of good. Also, I might need some help now and then,” she said mysteriously.

I didn’t know what to say or think. Help? What could she possibly need help for? “What are you talking about?”

“Do you remember me talking about my friend Mary at work?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“When we were first talking about spanking, I asked Mary if she knew anything about the subject. She and I are very good friends and talk about everything. She got a funny little smile on her face and said that yes, she’s thought about it. I told her you and I were planning on starting.”

“Seriously?” I nearly shouted.

Kathy smiled. “Yes. I even showed her the webpages you sent me before you ordered the paddles. She seemed very interested. She said that she might enjoy spanking a man herself. Of course, Mary is single so she doesn’t have anyone handy to paddle. Perhaps you’ll volunteer.”


“That was the wrong word. Actually, I asked her if she would like to try learning alongside me with you as our willing victim. I told her what we would be doing tonight. I promised her a picture. Get out of bed and stand in front of the wall.”

I slowly got out of bed and moved to the far wall. I stood facing her. “No, not that way!” Kathy said. “Face the wall and bend over so we get a nice view of your rear.”

I turned around and bent at the waist. “Get those legs apart,” Kathy commanded. I spread my legs. I could feel my balls hanging in the breeze. “Much better,” she said.

Kathy got her cell phone. She fiddled with it for a little bit and then I saw a small flash. “That’s nice,” she said. “Now turn around and face me.”

I didn’t want to turn around. My penis was sticking straight out in front of me. “Hurry up and turn around!” Kathy said.

I slowly turned. Kathy moved around trying to get the best angle. Another flash. “That’s very nice. Now come over here and see how you look.”

I looked at Kathy’s phone. First, a picture of me bent over with my red, bruised ass sticking out at the lens. It was obvious what happened to me. Then Kathy switched to the next picture and there I was standing there in a full-length photo, my penis pointing directly at the camera.

Kathy started typing. “I’m sending a text to Mary along with these pictures.”

I felt my face turning red. “There! I sent them,” Kathy announced. We moved back to the bed Kathy still had the phone in her hand. I heard the phone ding. “That’s Mary,” Kathy said. Let me read you her message:

Mary: I see you really did it! He looks very cute front and back. I didn’t realize that you keep him hairless. He looks like a naughty little boy. Please tell him for me that he has a very cute little weenie.

My face turned dark red with embarrassment. “See? Mary likes you!” Kathy began typing again. “I’m telling Mary that you really liked hearing that and that you hope she can come to visit and enjoy all this in person.”

“What?” I nearly screamed.

Another ding from the phone. “Mary says she would really love that and she’s glad you would enjoy having her visit.” Another ding. “Oh, Mary wants to know what I plan to do with your weenie. She says it looks like it needs attention.” Kathy typed some more.

Ding. “I just told Kathy we could show her. She replied that she would love it.”

Ding. “Mary thinks I’ve done enough work. She would like to see you jerk off.” Kathy turned on the bright, overhead light in the bedroom. “Lie down on the bed on your back,” she instructed. She moved to my side and fiddled a bit with her phone. “Okay, now we are recording. Jerk off for us.”

“I don’t know if I can do it,” I said.

“Of course you can,” Kathy said, “and Mary will hear every word of this.”

I reached down and began fondling my penis. “Good boy!” Kathy exclaimed, “now get to work!”

I started moving my hand up and down. It felt very good. It didn’t take very long before I completely forgot the Kathy and her phone were there looking at me. I was so excited that I came almost immediately. Warm semen flowed onto my chest.

“Good boy! Now you know what you have to do.”

She can’t be serious. I’m going to have to eat this while she is taking a video of me? “Do I have to?” I begged.

“Of course you do. Now get to work!” I slowly scooped some up with two fingers and brought them to my face. I must’ve made a horrible grimace. I hate the way it smells. “Come on! Clean it up! I’m losing patience,” Kathy said irritably.

I licked the semen off my fingers. I reached down and got some more. I kept repeating this until it was all gone. “You’re not done yet! Kathy said. “There is still some dripping out of your cock.”

I sighed heavily and reached down and squeezed my penis like a toothpaste tube. The big glob of cum dripped out of the top. I caught it with my fingers and sucked them clean.

“Good boy! Now let’s see what Mary thinks.” Kathy fiddled with her phone. A few minutes later, another ding. “Mary likes it a lot! She wants to know if she can show your video to her sister.”

“Absolutely not!” I said.

Kathy typed. “I just told her that you would be honored if she wanted to share it.”

I groaned again. Kathy moved next to me and sat on the bed. “Let’s watch your first video together.”

I sat silently as I watched myself masturbate panting loudly and groaning as semen spurted out when I came. It was very embarrassing watching me clean myself up.

The phone dinged again. “Mary wants to know if we can get together soon. She thinks we could have a lot of fun.” Kathy typed. Another ding. “Okay, it’s a date! Mary will be joining us for dinner and fun Saturday night. Aren’t you excited?”

I groaned and rolled over.

5 thoughts on “Husband Makes His First Sex Video

  1. I love this! My wife has a friend Mary who is single that I have always had the hots for.
    I often think about my wife telling Mary about our female led relationship and offering to have me serve Mary.
    In my hottest fantasies I imagine my wife and Mary double domming me. Pegged from both ends at the same time would be incredible!!

  2. I just found your blog and i am hooked. Your Wife sounds like a very strong and loving woman who knows how to get full enjoyment out of her Husband. I have bookmarked your site for the pleasure of reading about your adventures?
    Slave Kendra (Male)

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