Husband Gets A Spanking Surprise

There’s so much more to a real relationship than sex and spanking. Kathy is very wise and understands this. That’s why she wanted Mary and me to have a honeymoon. On the very first night, Mary had a crisis with the fact that I like to be spanked. It seemed to her that unless she could do this for me, we couldn’t have a meaningful relationship. It didn’t occur to her that my need was to be spanked, not necessarily to be spanked by her.

I think it’s normal to assume that you should be able to give the person in a relationship with you everything they need. I don’t think that’s ever possible. What it comes down to it, in the end it is whether you can give each other the things that are really important. Maybe more importantly, that you can give up the things your partner can’t provide.

I know from my experience that I can’t give up being spanked. I don’t know why, but it is a part of me. Mary sensed that and reacted to the fact that she hated helping Kathy spank me. In her mind that disqualified her from being with me.

I’m glad we got to talk about it and that she accepted the fact that she didn’t have to spank me in order to be close. She and I do have a certain chemistry. She really likes the way I smell and being next to her makes me feel comfortable and happy. I’ve never particularly liked spooning. Kathy doesn’t either. That’s one way we are alike.

Mary loves to spoon. She wants to be close and touching all night long. I thought I would hate that. I don’t. I love her touch and I love feeling her body next to mine. When she spoons me and gets really close, I can feel the hair on her pussy tickling my butt. It’s kind of weird in a sexy kind of way.

We got through our first night sleeping nose to nose. Kathy brought us breakfast in bed. It was a real treat. Mary fed me some of her bacon. You can always win my heart by feeding me bacon. I managed to get a little pancake syrup on the comforter. Mary joked and said that she makes wet spots and I make sticky spots.

After breakfast we hopped into the shower. I’m getting the feeling that I won’t be showering alone anytime soon. Women seem to think that I need them to wash me in order to be sure that I get adequately clean.

After our shower, Mary carried the tray back to the kitchen with me behind her. We were both completely naked. Kathy was in the living room watching TV. She had a T-shirt and shorts. I could see through the legs of her shorts that she had nothing on underneath. Nice!

Whoa! I’m on my honeymoon with Mary. I’m not supposed to look at other women’s genitals. I think I’ll keep this to myself. Mary doesn’t need to know I copped a peek at my wife.

I helped Mary wash the dishes. We joined Kathy in the living room. Mary asked, “do you mind that I am naked?”

Kathy said, “help yourself. I don’t mind at all.”

Naked relaxation

“Thanks,” Mary said, “I think nudity is catching. Since Will has to be naked all the time I seem to want to copy him.” She laughed.

“Maybe I should join you,” Kathy said. She didn’t wait for an answer. Her T-shirt and shorts were often a flash. That was easy. It was also really sexy. Here I am sitting on the couch with two naked women, both of whom have recently had sex with me. Cool!

“Don’t get any ideas, Will,” Mary said. “You are all mine and we are on our honeymoon!”

“Is it okay if I look?” I asked.

Mary pretended to be upset, “I suppose.”

Kathy has a hairy suggestion

“Since we are on the topic of nudity,” Kathy said. “I want to ask you both something.” She stood up and stood in front of us. She pointed to her pussy. It had about 1/2 an inch of hair growing. “I’m really not sure I like this. I think I prefer the bare look. Would it be all right with you two if I am hairless like Will?”

Mary looked at me. I shrugged. “It’s okay with me,” Mary said.

Kathy looked at me, “What about you?”

“You know I love a bare pussy,” I said.

Kathy looked at Mary. “Mary will you wax me?”

“Sure. Want to do it now?” Before Kathy had a chance to answer, Mary turned to me. “Will, would you prefer me to be hairless too?”

I smiled and reached over and petted the soft hair. “No, I like the contrast. In the dark I can tell which one of you I’m touching. If I find hair it’s you. If I get skin it’s Kathy.”

Mary reached over and grabbed one of the pillows on the couch and bopped me on the head. “Rude boy!”

We all laughed. Mary excused herself to go back to our room to get the waxing supplies. She came back and plugged in the wax heater. “It will be ready for you in about an hour Kathy.” She turned to me, “You come back to the bedroom with me and snuggle with your hairy pussy.”

I stood up and Mary stood. She reached over and grabbed my soft cock and used it to lead me back to our bedroom. She looked over her shoulder at Kathy and said, “These things are good for more than sex.”

Kathy laughed, “See you in an hour.”

mary surprises will

Will followed Mary into her bedroom. She closed the door. She walked to her dresser and got something from the top drawer. Will couldn’t see what she had. She went to the bed and sat in the center, her back resting against the headboard.

“Come here and lie down across my lap,” Mary said.

Will was puzzled when she said that. “Across your lap? In a spanking position?”

“Of course,” she said softly.

“Are you sure? You were very upset on Sunday. You know you don’t need to spank me.”

“I know. I want to. It’s important to me. If you are going to be mine, I need to do what is important to you.”

“Ok,” I said doubtfully.

Will slowly climbed onto the bed and positioned himself over Mary’s lap. He was fully erect. His cock fit nicely between her thighs. As he moved into position, he saw that Mary had a small, hairbrush-shaped paddle on the bed next to her. He wriggled a bit to get his erection more comfortably lined up.

Mary noticed and smiled. “Are you ready?”

“Are you sure you want to do this? You were very upset on Sunday.”

“I already told you that I am.”

With that, she brought the paddle down sharply on the bottom of his left cheek. Will was silent but shifted a bit. He was very turned on.

“Let’s see if I can soften that penis up,” Mary thought to herself. She smiled. She liked this challenge. She brought the paddle down, harder this time, and repeated hitting the same spot five times.

“Oww,” Will muttered into the bed.

“That’s not much of a reaction,” Mary thought. “He is tougher than I thought. Eight more swats to the other cheek, harder. Will was silent but squirmed a little. Mary realized she didn’t feel his cock anymore. “Soft!” she thought.

Then a strange thing happened. Mary found herself smiling and could feel an unmistakable tingle between her legs. She was getting turned on! She liked spanking Will. She was surprised at her reaction. He was in trouble now!

Mary began again. This time it was ten hard swats to each cheek. She didn’t pause. Will began to squirm. His ass was turning bright pink. Mary was breathing harder. It wasn’t from exertion. “Let’s see how it feels when he really reacts,” she thought.

Mary raised the paddle high above her head and brought it down full force on the crease between his ass and thigh. Will screamed and kicked his feet. Mary felt a squirt as if Will had just penetrated her. She repeated the swat on his other cheek. Another scream and more kicking.

“This is fun!” Mary thought. Every scream and kick felt like pure sex to her. She thought that this was the best foreplay ever! Her pace increased. Will’s screams turned to a steady wail and then to loud sobs.

“Stop! Please stop,” he cried.

That wasn’t his safeword. Mary didn’t stop. She loved his reaction. His bottom was a deep scarlet with patches of white. “What a pretty color,” she thought.

Will seemed to relax, just accepting the blows. He sobbed quietly. Mary decided he had enough. She stopped and told him to stand at the end of the bed. He wriggled off and stood facing her. His hands were rubbing the sore skin.

“Stop that! Hands at your sides,” Mary ordered. She was smiling broadly. She got up and headed for the door. “Follow me.”

Will followed her out into the living room. Kathy was sitting on the couch with a book in her lap. “Hello, you two. It sounds like you were having fun.”

Will looked at her, tears still running down his face. Mary said, “Believe it or not, I did. I had a lot of fun!”

“What about you, Will?” Kathy asked. “Your pee-pee doesn’t look very happy.”

Will’s cock was completely soft. He took a deep breath and said, “Mary spanked me.”

“He did?” Kathy said in mock surprise. “Was that all the noise I heard coming from your room?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

Mary, is it time for my waxing? Kathy asked.

“Yes it is. Will, go to the den and play on your computer,” Mary said.

Without a word, Will trudged to the den.

Mary set to work setting up the massage table. Kathy stripped and got on, face up. Mary applied cleaner and a light coat of oil to Kathy’s pussy and thighs.

As Mary got down to waxing, Kathy asked, “How was it for you?”

“I thought it was going to be awful. I hated how I felt after we spanked him on Sunday. This time it was a big surprise.

“My plan was to take it easy and get used to spanking Will. I figured that if I started at a pace comfortable to me, over time I would be able to spank harder and harder.”

“That’s how it was with me, “Kathy said. My first attempts were pathetic. Will barely felt them. From what I heard, it didn’t sound like you were being a pussy.”

Mary laughed. “My first swats were pretty wimpy.  He didn’t even move. His cock felt hard as a rock between my thighs. His hard cock felt like a sort of challenge to me. I decided that I could make it soft.

“So, I hit him a little harder. I could see pink where I hit. I liked that. I forgot about his penis and just concentrated on making his ass pink all over. I stopped to admire my work and I noticed that his erection was gone.

“When I realized that, I felt a little squirt between my legs.” Mary blushed. “I was getting turned on. The thought of that bothered me a little. Here I was getting wet because I was beating a man. Then I thought that was actually funny. He wanted me to do it.

“I was feeling good. I smiled! Then I decided to hit harder and faster. Will started to kick and wriggle. That felt really hot. I put my hand on his back to hold him steady. It wasn’t easy. I was getting more and more aroused. I wondered if I could have an orgasm simply by beating him.

“Will was starting to sweat. He gave of an acrid smell. I think it was fear and pain. This may mean I’m a terrible person, but that smell turned me on even more. There was no stopping me now!

“His cries and sobs fueled my heat. Spanking him was fun! When I realized that he seemed done, I stopped and brought him out to show you. Kathy, my panties are soaked!”

“Wow,” Kathy said softly. “Will is really in trouble now. I can’t say that spanking him turns me on. For me, it’s more like a chore I want to do well. I don’t react at all to his suffering. I know he wants it. I’m just being a good wife and helping my husband. Like you, I try to get the color I want. I feel proud when it hurts him to sit for days after I spank him. I like to see some black and blue back there.

“I didn’t look closely, but I think you gave him some nice bruises.”

“I hope so,” Mary said.

The two women were silent as Mary waxed her friend.

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