How It All Started

My name is Will. My wife Kathy and I have been together for nearly 20 years. It’s not our first marriages. We both have kids from prior marriages who are not living with us. It’s just the two of us thousands of miles away from our families. We moved from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest over 15 years ago. As you might’ve guessed, Kathy spanks me. That’s our picture on the top of the page. Well, it’s her hand and paddle in the familiar position of spanking my butt.

From fairly early in our dating, I let her know that I wanted to be spanked. My ex-wife wanted nothing to do with it and my need to try spanking may have been one of the reasons we parted company. When I asked Kathy to spank me for the first time, she looked at me dubiously. She said that she had never spanked anyone before. I asked her if she was willing to try and she replied she was. As you may have guessed, that first spanking was a short series of love taps on my bare bottom. I was proud of her.

She knew that I got turned on just thinking about being spanked. I had a full erection before I lay face down on the bed for that first little spanking. I could hardly feel her swats. It didn’t matter. She was spanking my bare rear end!

Afterward, we had great sex. I’m afraid that I didn’t last too long. It was just so exciting being spanked that I could hardly contain myself. After that, spanking became a regular part of our foreplay. Each time she did it, Kathy became a bit braver and her swats a little bit harder.

Before I met Kathy, I had experimented with spanking with a couple of women I dated after my divorce. One of them really got into it. More about that in a future post.

Even though her first attempts were barely love-taps, Kathy’s spankings were somehow different. I think it was because she was doing it to make me happy and to turn me on. My other experiments felt more like science projects. My partners were curious and I was their willing subject. Kathy’s spankings were for me.

We aren’t unusual in that sense. A lot of couples experiment with spanking as a form of foreplay. Things changed several years ago. I got the bright idea that Kathy could use spanking as a way of exercising control over me. I didn’t want to be her slave or drooling submissive. I wanted her to take charge and enforce my rules with her paddle.

I asked her if she would try this. I was worried that she would think I was crazy. She probably did, but she agreed to try anyway. She wanted to know what would earn me a spanking? Good question. We finally settled on a few very simple rules that represented things I should do anyway.

We shared the work around the house. Kathy decided that the things I did would be considered my chores. I would be spanked if I didn’t do them satisfactorily and on time. Good plan.

We agreed that there wouldn’t be any “special” clothing I had to wear more special gestures, etc. This would be old-fashioned domestic discipline. Initially, we agreed that I would be spanked for each infraction. I would lie across her lap or on the bed with my bare ass exposed for her to spank.

That’s how it all started.

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