Husband Has To Buy Paddles For His Wife To Spank Him

After Kathy’s first meeting, I had some homework. She said that she had done some shopping on the web and wanted me to order paddles for her. I went to my laptop and opened up email. There was an email waiting from her. It was short and to the point, followed by a list of links to websites.

This is a list of places to buy paddles. I want you to pick at least three paddles and order them. I expect you to pick the ones that hurt the most.


I thought she was going to point me to specific paddles she wanted to use. It turned out that I had to pick out the ones I thought would hurt me the most. This wasn’t going to be easy. At the time, I imagined that this was a one-time activity. I would buy her several paddles and that would be that. Silly me.

The first link was to what turned out to be a small “shop” on Apparently a woodworker specialized in spanking paddles. I had no idea that there were craftsmen out there striving to make my rear end hurt as much as possible. I have to admit it, the paddles were beautiful. It occurred to me that when in use, I wouldn’t be able to see them anyway.

heart paddle
This is the heart paddle I ordered.
Click here to go to where I found it.

I found one that was shaped like a heart at the end of a long stick. It was made out of exotic wood. I thought it would make a very nice way of letting Kathy know how much I appreciate and love her. So I ordered it. I had absolutely no idea how effective any particular paddle would be. I thought this one looks like a good candidate. It was expensive, but I ordered it.

spanking spoon
This hardwood paddle will certainly
hurt! Click here to visit the maker’s site.

This same craftsman made some other very interesting looking devices. If I had more money, I would buy everything he makes. I did decide to buy one other paddle. This one resembles a large, wooden spoon. It’s much heavier, of course. I suspect that this may be Kathy’s favorite. I know it will hurt like hell, but I got hard looking at the picture.

Those two paddles added up to almost $100. It looks like we will be making a rather large investment in spanking me. Before going further, I went into the bedroom and told Kathy about my purchases. She said that we could start out with just those two. “After all,” she said brightly, “we can get more next week.”

I decided to look at the other two links Kathy found. One was for a company that specializes in eye wide variety of BDSM supplies. The link she sent me pointed to a page for wooden spanking paddles (to visit it). I wondered why she was attracted to this page. The pictures did not look all that appealing. I went back into the bedroom and asked Kathy about this particular site.

Ferule paddle.
Click here to visit the seller.

“One of the websites I visited,” she said, “mentioned a particular paddle that is supposed to be extremely effective.” She gave me a nasty smile. “It’s called the ferule paddle. According to what I read, it is the most effective spanking paddle he ever felt. Can we afford to order this one too?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I may have to skip lunch a few days next week, but we can get it. Of course, I didn’t say that out loud.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Kathy said as she went back to reading her book.

I returned to my desk and went to the website selling this meanest-of-all paddles. It costs $48 for Bubinga wood. My erection was back, full blast. I thought the paddle looked rather wimpy, but knowing Kathy she wouldn’t have insisted on it unless she had some very good advice. One thing for sure, it won’t be long before I have first-hand experience evaluating it.

I noticed that each of Kathy’s selections had small striking faces with long handles. They were all at least 1/2 inch thick and made of heavy hardwood. You don’t have to be a science expert to realize that a long handle magnifies the force of a swat. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that the extra force is magnified further when applied to a small striking surface.

No question about it. Kathy meant business. The long handles also suggest that she plans to continue spanking me from the side or behind me. Apparently, she has rejected over-the-knee spanking positions.


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