A Quiet Sunday Turns Into Husband’s Worst Spanking Ever

Our last post ended with Kathy, Mary, and I snuggled in Kathy’s bed watching Sunday morning television (“Setting The Ground Rules”). I’ve been going into details about these early days because I believe that the basis for any relationship is formed in the first few times people are together. Things are either easy or difficult, comfortable, or not. It seemed that all three of us fit together well right from the start.

While we lay on our backs watching TV, Kathy’s hand moved up a little and she began gently rubbing my balls. She momentarily took her hand off of them and sniffed it. Returning her hand and rubbing more, she said, “They are very smooth and clean.”

“You’re welcome,” Mary said smiling broadly. “I guess I’m in charge of maintenance too.”

“Makes sense,” Kathy said. “You are doing a good job keeping our boy clean and sweet smelling.”

Mary looked very happy at the thought of being in charge of keeping me clean. I smiled too. It felt very good when Mary soaped me up carefully in the shower. I wanted to ask if this meant that she would always be bathing me, but I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and wait to see how things developed.

We watched the rest of the show with Kathy gently rubbing my balls. It was the absent-minded sort of petting one might do to a cat sitting in your lap. It felt good, but wasn’t exactly sexy. It was just nice and made me feel a little sleepy. My penis did respond and was hard the entire time.

a lazy sunday

We had a nice, lazy Sunday. Lunch was due-it-yourself sandwiches washed down with fresh iced tea. Mary spent most of the day organizing her room and Kathy read a book I played on the computer. At that time it hadn’t occurred to me to record what was going on in our lives.

Mary volunteered to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. She also created a wonderful salad with all sorts of delicious veggies and it. It would’ve been wonderful to have some Italian bread, but we didn’t have any in the house and going to the store didn’t seem like a very wise move. Kathy and I had been ordering our food delivered.

After dinner, I cleared the table and we followed our new routine of Kathy loading the dishwasher, Mary and I washing and drying the pots and pans. It felt nice and domestic. If it weren’t for the fact that I was completely naked and Mary kept taking every opportunity to make me hard, it would be a typical American domestic scene.

After dinner, we all sat on the couch in the living room. Mary said that we needed to take care of a little business. She wanted to know Kathy’s opinion about our sleeping arrangements for that night. I was starting to get used to the idea that my opinion wasn’t being solicited.

tonight’s Sleeping arrangements

Kathy said that she had a little headache and was thinking that it would be good if she could turn in early. She asked Mary if I could sleep with her. Mary agreed that would be fine. She asked Kathy if she would like my services before we turned in. Kathy smiled broadly and said that she didn’t think so.

Kathy added that in her job as disciplinarian, she thought it might be a good idea for the two of them to get some practice spanking me. She said that she understood we had agreed not to get into a strong disciplinary relationship the first week, but it would make sense to start building their skills.

I couldn’t resist. I had to say, “Are you talking about spanking me?”

Kathy replied, “Yes I am. I was going to suggest that starting tomorrow we have practice sessions each day to work out the most effective way to educate you that our paddles.”

I let out an involuntary groan. “Oh come on!” Kathy laughed. “You love it!”

I blushed. She was right the idea was exciting. I was hard and both women stared down noticing my obvious excitement.

“Oh my!” Mary laughed. “We are going to have to work hard to make sure he understands he’s being punished.”

Kathy said, “Don’t worry Mary. His little pee-pee gets soft almost as soon as he feels the first few swats.”

“How cute!” Mary said. “This is going to be fun.”

Even though I had a pulsing erection, I wasn’t at all sure that it was going to be fun. Before Mary moved in, Kathy had been steadily increasing the severity of her spankings. She hadn’t really bruised me yet, but I could remember hating my most recent spankings. A drop of precum formed on my cock as I thought about my last spanking.

mary’s surprise treat

Apparently, Mary had been watching. She saw it and picked it up with her fingertip. She made a show of licking it off her fingertip. “Very tasty, Will.”

Hearing that made more appear. Mary scooped that up too.

Kathy looked a little surprised. “You really like the taste of that stuff, don’t you? It tastes horrible to me.” Kathy grimaced.

“I don’t like all of it. Some men taste positively nasty. I always wondered if it had to do with their diets or just something about the way their bodies made it. From this little taste, our boy produces very tasty cream. Perhaps tonight I’ll milk him and get a better idea of his quality.”

“I read somewhere that we can adjust his diet to improve the flavor if you’re not completely satisfied with how he’s producing now,” Kathy added helpfully. “Will, you have an assignment. Go on the web and find ways to change the flavor of your semen.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“We have been making you eat it yourself. How do you like it?”

I replied, “I don’t like it at all.”

“Then you have a strong incentive to become as tasty as possible. If you do, at least one of us won’t want to share it with you.” Kathy smiled, “I’m pretty sure that I will always feed it to you. However, Mary may decide she wants it for herself.”

“That’s something,” I muttered softly.

Will gets his first two-woman spanking

“What did you say?” Kathy said sternly.

“Nothing, ma’am.”

“I am quite sure I heard some backtalk. Well, Mary, it looks like our first spanking session will be tonight.”

This wasn’t what I expected to hear. I was feeling very comfortable and had no idea that even a little innocent backtalk would get me in trouble. I thought about protesting but then decided that would be a very bad idea.

Kathy looked sternly at Will, “Go to the bedroom and get into your spanking position.”

I walked to Kathy’s bedroom and draped myself over the edge of the king-sized bed. A minute or two later the women joined me. Kathy got her three paddles out of the drawer and put them on the bed next to me. “I’ll start,” Kathy said.

She picked up the spanking spoon and rubbed it over my ass. “Will, do you know why you are being spanked?”

“Yes, ma’am. I said something rude.”

“Do you know what’s going to happen now?”

“Yes, ma’am. You are going to spank me.” I said that in a soft frightened voice.

“Not exactly. Both of us are going to spank you. First, stand up and face us.”

“Oh no!” I thought. They are going to see my hard penis. I stood up and slowly faced them. My hard cock betrayed me.

“See that?” Kathy said pointing at it. “We’ll take another look at it in a few minutes. You will see a big change. Get back down on the bed.”

I lay down again with my feet dangling over the edge. Kathy started spanking me. She didn’t take it easy. She hit each cheek once, repeating over and over. I wasn’t counting, but I think it was probably about 15 or 20 swats when she stopped. “Stand up!” She commanded.

I stood up. Kathy pointed at my now-flaccid penis. “See? It doesn’t take long before he realizes we mean business.”

Mary nodded in agreement. My face had turned red from embarrassment. “Get back into position!” Kathy commanded again.

I returned to my place on the bed. Kathy began again. This time it was two hard swats to each cheek over and over again. I started to wriggle and scream. She paid no attention. It felt like my ass was on fire. I wanted to run away. When the pain reached the point that I knew I couldn’t stay still any longer, Kathy seemed to sense it and would pause. A few seconds later she would begin again.

Her swats got harder and harder. I could hear myself sobbing. Finally, she stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief. I could feel tears streaming down my face. I started to get up. “Stay there!” Kathy said. “Now it’s your turn, Mary.”

Kathy handed the spoon to Mary. “Are you sure?” She asked. “He looks pretty red.”

“He’ll be fine,” Kathy said. “You saw how I did it. Give it a try.”

Mary picked up the spoon and started hitting my bottom. I was already very sore, but hardly felt Mary’s swats. “Harder, much harder,” Kathy encouraged her.

Mary swung harder. I was still quietly sobbing. I think Mary finally got the idea. She took the paddle and brought it down full force on the bottom of my left cheek. I yelped loudly. “That’s it!” Kathy exclaimed. “You got a reaction! Keep it up!”

Mary smiled. She brought the paddle up and down with full force. I couldn’t help but scream. When I started to roll away, Mary said, “No!.” She stopped swinging and let me settle down. Then she started again. It was worse than Kathy.

By the end of Kathy’s spanking, I had started to get a little numb. Once Mary understood that my reaction would tell her how hard to hit, it didn’t help. I was in real pain. Finally, Mary stopped.

Kathy said, “Now here’s a little trick I read about. Give me the spoon.”

Mary handed her the spoon. Kathy took one hand and spread my left cheek wide. My asshole was on full display. Kathy took the spoon and began spanking the inside of my crack. She hit both sides very hard. I kept screaming. I’ve never been hit there before. “This will give you something to remember when you go to the bathroom,” Kathy laughed. She was clearly enjoying herself.

“I may have given him a couple of bruises in there. Take a look.” Mary used one hand to spread my other cheek and examined me.

“Could be,” Mary said. “I don’t know though. Maybe he needs a few very hard swats in their to be sure.”

“Good idea,” Kathy said. “Why don’t you do it.” Kathy handed Mary the spoon.

I was sniffling softly wishing this would all just stop. Kathy held one cheek wide open and Mary pulled the other. I could hear Mary take a deep breath. “Here goes,” she said. I thought I was going to explode. She brought that spoon down full force twice; once on each side of my crack. I screamed into the bed.

“Okay, Will, get up and stand with your nose in the corner. Keep your nose pressed in their and put your hands on your head,” Kathy said. “If you move before we tell you, we will do this spanking all over again.”

I moved to the corner of the room and buried my nose in the corner. I had my hands on my head. My bottom felt like it was on fire. Every tiny movement hurt because it made the skin in my crack rub.

I hoped that we wouldn’t repeat this again tomorrow. I don’t think the women needed any practice. They were both extremely good at spanking me.

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  1. Perhaps you should get spanked for not knowing “their” is for people’s ownership and “they’re” is for “they are” and “there” is for a location that isn’t here.

    1. I have some vision challenges and use voice to text software. It sometimes confuses those homonyms. Occasionally, I miss them when I edit.

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