A Covid Gift

A lot has happened since my last post. Kathy and I are both temporarily out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been home together, but not alone. Let me start from the beginning.

When the pandemic started closing down businesses, Kathy and Mary, who work in the same office, were furloughed. Mary had shared her apartment with a roommate who moved out a couple of months earlier. Mary was struggling with the rent. Of course, she shared all this with Kathy.

We live in a two-bedroom apartment in a nice part of town. Our combined unemployment is enough to cover the rent, food, and other bills. Kathy decided Mary could room with us. She asked Mary who immediately agreed. They decided that Mary could pack up her stuff and find a storage place for her furniture and other belongings, and then come live with us. She had to be out about a week later at the end of the month.

When Kathy came home that night she told me about Mary and said that she would be staying in our spare bedroom. Naturally I was surprised. I admit that I also liked the idea. I would be living with two strong women who enjoyed being in charge of me.

Kathy told me that we would be helping Mary Pack her belongings and store them. Since we were all out of work, we spent the next few days helping Mary pack. On Friday, Mary rented a truck and we loaded her furniture and cartons and delivered them to the storage locker. By the time we got back to our apartment we were all very tired and sweaty.

We have two bathrooms. This is very convenient now that we have someone else living with us. When we got home, Kathy reminded me that I am supposed to be naked as soon as I get in the door. I was a little surprised because we had our guest with us. However, Mary had seen me naked before. I got undressed and threw my dirty clothes in the hamper. I was a little surprised that both Kathy and Mary did the same.

Kathy suggested that we all get clean. She also said that as a way to help Mary become more comfortable, why doesn’t she shower with me. We decided we’d meet up in the master bedroom once we were all clean. Kathy made sure that Mary and I had towels and said that we would bathe in the guest bath. Kathy went to the master bathroom.

It was a lot of fun showering with Mary. We soaped each other up and then rinsed off. I noticed that Mary had short pubic hair. She also had some hair under her arms and on her legs. I was a little surprised but didn’t say anything. Needless to say, I was hard the entire time. We dried each other off and padded naked to the master bedroom.

Kathy was naked too. She was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for us. She looked a little surprised when she saw Mary. “It looks like you’ve got some hair growing,” Kathy said.

“Yes,” Mary smiled. “I decided that I would go natural for the duration.”

Kathy sat quietly for a bit thinking about this. Kathy had been shaving her pussy and other body hair. I am very partial to shaved pussy. “I like that idea!” Kathy said. “I’ll do it too.” She sat quietly a while longer. “What about Will? Do you think he should become a caveman?”

Mary made a sour face. “Oh no! I think he should be completely hairless. It would be a nice contrast. The two of us on au naturale and will be completely groomed like a good girl.”

Kathy laughed. She pointed out that it would be a lot of work removing all of my hair. Mary had an idea. “Before I went to work with you, I worked in a waxing place. I’ve been waxing men and women for years. Why don’t we take a ride to the storage place tomorrow? I have a massage table and a full set of waxing equipment.”

Kathy laughed and agreed that that was a great idea. Mary would be in charge of removing all of the hair below my neck. I was worried that the waxing would be painful. I asked Mary and she said that it would, at least in the beginning. She pointed out that it was the price I had to pay for beauty.

Kathy suggested that we were all tired and should probably get some rest. Mary agreed. Kathy asked Mary if she would like to sleep with us in our king-sized bed? Mary liked the idea. The two women moved onto the bed, their heads propped up on pillows. Kathy said, “I have an idea! Will help us get relaxed. Give us nice orgasms. Do Mary first. After all, she’s our guest.”

I moved onto the bed and lay down with my head between Mary’s legs. It had been a while since I licked a hairy pussy. The hair tickled my nose as I spread her lips and started licking her clit. She moaned with pleasure as I gave her several very noisy orgasms. My cock was hard as a rock.

Kathy said that it was her turn. I moved between her legs and gave her the same treatment. She moaned and squirmed with pleasure. Kathy really loves oral sex. Finally, after she enjoyed a few orgasms, Kathy told me to stop and get into bed. We all crawled under the covers with me in the middle.

It took me a long time to get to sleep. My hard penis poked me every time I turned and I found myself quietly humping the bed.

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